• Hello to all,

    I joined this network in the hopes of relating my new found experiences with other expecting or those who already have given birth. Male perspectives are definitely a plus as well. I have noticed that ever since becoming pregnant, there has been an obvious shift with whom (childless for now) friends are/were. I am truly looking foward to making new friends and organize play dates for our liltle ones.

  • Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the site! Obviously, your life is in for a shift and it is an adjustment, but one my wife and I gladly made when we had our first in '07! If there is anything as a guy that I can help to answer, please don't hesitate to ask!

  • Welcome to Strong Moms! This is a great site for meeting new moms and getting some great advice. Hope to see you around the forums!!

  • I am also new to strong mom's but the mother of 3 going on 4... it is crazy but exciting :) I am 6 weeks pregnant and have a bit of experience LOL I am here for advice if ever needed, my friends usually find my advice pretty helpful!

  • Hello,

    It's the same for me on who all of my friends are.  You are in for one of the most wonderful and exciting times of your life.  Having a month old, my first  has been a life changing event.  I have my days of what have I gotten myself into, yet I wouldn't give my son up for the world. 


  • Hi All,

    i just recently had my first daughter and she is wonderful. The majority of my friends already have kids but none are small like mine.  So I joined this network in hopes of meeting new friends with little ones.  Pregnancy was a good one.  Some rough days but now the fun is here.  So far everything has been good.  I have other kids that I helped raise so its not new to me its just different since this one stays with me all the time.Big Smile

  • wellcome to the strong moms  i just have my first baby to.