How about a babygirl`s name "amanda"?

  •        I am a chinese mother, my lovely baby will come soon,but I have no ideal about her English name. How about Amanda?


  • Amanda is a a very nice name. You have to choose a name that you love and that means something to you. If other people do not prefer that name, don't let their opinions sway you. Congrats! Amanda is a beautiful name.

  • I think with names you have to select whatever you like and not share it. I have heard countless parents have their feelings hurt when they tell the world their baby's proposed names, only to have friends and family say they don't like it. If YOU like Amanda, go with it!

  • Amanda is a beautiful name... Congratulations on your pregnancy! Glad you are here on Strong Moms!

  • Hello there chinese mom to be. Amanda is a very pretty name but try to say it  together wit the last is  some of my favorite names. Alisa,sarah,Brianna,Ximena,

  • Amanda means deserving of love. My name is Amanda and it has served me well, my dad calls me Mandy for short. Good luck!!

  • i think thats a beautiful name,my bestfreinds name is amanda.The name is latin and it means lovable

  • Hi!  My name is Amanda and as a child, I never liked the my name!  Now, as an adult, I'm perfectly fine with it.  I, however, never went by Mandy.  My mom never wanted me called that, and as I result, I was always fine with it.  My best advice if you choose Amanda:  Don't give the middle name Lynn.  Still to this day, some of my friends occasionally call me Mandolin.  I hate that!  lol

  • I think that name is sweet ,feminine,and a strong name that would suit a Chinese American little girl. Congrats on your soon to be bundle of love and good luck with her name Smile I wish you the best !

  • I love that name, I named my first daughter Amy from the name Amanda. It is feminine, easy to say and spell, not overused. Congratulations!

  • That's my name and I like it! Good Luck with your new little one!

  • I think whatever name you choose for your baby is up to you. I had a lot of friends named amanda. I do not here amanda much anymore, but besides that it is a good name to have for a baby girl. 

  • Amanda is a good name but the main point is that you love the name.. No matter what name you give your baby girl I'm sure it is going to fit her :) Good luck with everything.
  • Amanda is a nice name:).....but if u need help to find some more names so i can help u:)...i am a mother of my first child:) and her name is Muntaha:)..she is one month old:)Congratulationsss for ur child:)

  • I have a 2 year old daughter and we named her Miranda, and my moms name was Linda.  So her name is Miranda Lynn.  Thats alittle worse then Amanda Lynn.  But I love her name :) And my mom passed away, so I had to use Lynn...Just a quick reply.