Going back to work...

  • I am 31 weeks along with twins right now, I have been on bed rest for about 3 weeks now and this is killing me. I already know as soon as the twins are here and i'm healed I need to go back to work so I can provide for my family. I am freaking out because I have a one year old and the twins will not be sleeping the night it's going to be exstremly tiring. Has anyone had this problem total lack of sleep and sluggishly getting up and going to work everyday? I'm so worried i'm going to either be horriable at my job and possiably loose it or be a bad mother to my 3 beautiful children.

  • First of all, loads of props for carrying twins! . My maternity leave was lengthened quite a bit because I just had my gallbladder removed. I know how you feel, you're torn between wanting to be a good mom and needing to provide for them. We mothers are capable of much more than we realize. Plus grandparents love to feel needed :) If it's a possibility to have them or another family member stay with you just until you get back into the swing of things that may help. I know things seem hard now but I know it will be okay. Best of luck.

  • hello. I am a mother of 3 month old twin girls. I am not back to work yet but i know how it feels to get up every morning not having sleep at night. The average of sleep i would get is 2 hours. I try getting some rest when they are sleeping but unfortunately they dont sleep at the same time.

  • My daughter was six weeks old yesterday and I went back to work a week ago. I also have a son who is almost three. There was this part of me that loved being at home with them and I wished that I could just stay home and not worry about going back to work, but unfortunately we depend on two incomes to get by. Its rough being a mom and working full time, but my kids are my motivation. The last thing I want to do most days is get up especially after a long sleepless night with the little one, but I do it because I know I have to do whats best for my family. Its rough when you first go back to work but eventually it will get better. Just hang in there and hopefully it won't be long before you fall into a nice routine that hopefully involves some rest for mommy! Good Luck!