New Stay at home Mom

  • Hello. My name is Kristy and my daughters name is Kaitlyn. I just quit my job to stay home with her. It was pretty hard leaving my job. I worked with disabled adults and kids. On the other hand, I love being with my daughter every day. One thing that I am worried about... is the lack of interaction with other people. I now find myself striking up a convo with strangers standing in line at the grocery store :) Normal? I hope so.

  • Oh yeah!! This is completely normal. If you are worried about finding adult can try looking up your local MOPS group (Moms of Preschoolers). This group is usually open to any new mom, and they meet once or twice a month in various churches. This can be a great way to meet new moms...also you could try a local Moms group or meet up group. Many of these stay at home moms groups meet at parks etc to get together and let the kids play. This can be great for both you and the baby.

    You could also try joining a book club in the evenings or taking a fun class (like cake decorating or creative writing) to get some much needed adult interaction!

  • I hope it is normal too! I do it all the time! I have been a stay at home mom for almost 4 years now and I had to do something about it (You Just can talk to a 4yr old all day long) so I put my daughter in head start but most of the moms stop going to the school or drop out so, then I started selling AVON; I'm meeting new people and earing a little, so that good,  but if it dose not work I also want to put her in sport since she has been asking me! So, just thy every thing and see what works for you and your daughter because she has to me happy tooBig Smile!

  • Hi Kristy,

    Congrats on your little girl,  I have a 5 month old baby girl and her name is Kaitlyn as well! (spelled the same too)

    I'm a stay at home Mom as well,  I know what you mean about feeling the stronge lack of adult convo.!
    It really be frustrating!  I've found myself talking to strangers as well.

    I find it helps to have play dates with other Mom's who have children around the same age as yours.

    Have you ever heard of Gymboree?  They have classes for every age, and you can meet other Mom's!
    This is a great way to meet other Mom's with babies the same age as yours.

    You should try it out, they have a website, you could find out their locations and hrs from.

    Good luck Big Smile


  • Hi Kristy,

    Normal?  Totally!!  I am in the same son is 7 months old and I quit my job to stay home with him.  It's been hard losing that adult interaction, as well as that mental stimulation.  I LOVE staying home, but it has definitely been an adjustment.  To get some interaction with others, I take my son to the library for story time every week where there are always lots of great parents.  I would also check with your local recreation center or a place like Gymboree for classes.  I have met some great moms who are in the same boat and they are just as chatty as I am.  For mental stimulation, I've started blogging and connecting with people online. 


  • I am so glad to hear theses stories and ideas! I am not a SAHM yet...but, I will be in just two short weeks!! I am excited to get the time with my baby boy and I know that the first month will be filled with all sorts of visitors, like grandparents and such. But, I was a little worried about what would happen after that. My step-mom suggested a blog, since I went to school for journalism. Whatever is decided, I would like to thank you ladies for your ideas and for letting me know that I wont be the only one! :)