Would You Be a Stay-At-Home Dad?

  • The stay-at-home-dad (SAHD) is a relatively new entry into our popular vocabulary. Yet in a 2007 survey conducted by Careerbuilder.com (LINK: http://www.careerbuilder.com/share/aboutus/pressreleasesdetail.aspx?id=pr375&sd=6%2f11%2f2007&ed=6%2f11%2f2099&siteid=cbpr375&sc_cmp1=cb_pr375_&cbRecursionCnt=1&cbsid=58eaabde56c1456ebf02ea94904cd0fb-278956748-VI-4 37 percent of working fathers polled said they would be a SAHD if finances permitted, and another 38 percent would take a pay cut to spend more time with their children.

    To all the dads out there, if offered the choice, would you choose to stay home and raise the kids, work or find a balance of the two? Moms, would you switch roles with your husband as the breadwinner for the family if you could? If your husband wanted to be a SAHD, would you support that decision?

  • Our lives would be so much easier if my husband would stay at home and let me work third shift a few nights a week, but he will not have any part of it. He grew up in a very traditional home and just wouldn't be able to stay home.

  • My husband will most definitely be an SAHD.

  • That's really interesting. What are some of the reasons? My husband would love to be a SAHD because he's a homebody at heart. I'm not sure he really understands that that means he won't be able to surf the net and read comics all day, but it seems to suit his personality. And if we had the money, I'd certainly welcome that choice.

  • He just feels that the husband should work. I don't think he would be bothered by any other father staying at home, but he would feel guilty if he himself did it.

  • I tell you, I have to give anyone who is a SAH parent so much credit. I could not do it. I am an workaholic in every sense of the word. Staying home with my kids for a few weeks to a year nearly drove me nuts. I understand that feeling that you should work. I don't think I'll ever be able to shake that.

  • Being a stay-at-home-dad dad is an interesting idea for me, I currently am blessed with 2 weekdays off every month from work. Usually my daughter will spend the day with me during these days instead of going to daycare. After each of those days I am so tired it makes me wonder if I have the energy to be a SAHD, and yet it's the best, more rewarding tired I've ever felt so I could be tempted if I had the means. We do not have the means for me to be one though so for better or worse I do not have to make that choice.

  • My husband used to say he would love to be a SAHD, but now that we have 2 kids and our oldest is in her terrible 2's the answer has changed!  But truthfully, we both are stay at home parents part-time.  My husband works a rotating 12 hour schedule - he's off M,T, works W, Th, off F,S,S .. then the reverse the next week.   So he has always taken care of our oldest daughter on his week days off.  After our now 5 month old was born I was able to convince my employer to let me work part-time, (3) 10 hour days and I am able to work on my hubbie's days off.    So right now we only have 1 day every 2 weeks that both of us work and the kids go to a great in home sitter for some socialization that day.    It's really the best schedule.  We both get out of the house and around other people part of the week but we both still get to spend quality time raising our kids.  We don't feel like one is parenting more or working more.  Only problem now is the sitter we found is so great that we feel guilty for only sending them twice a month - our 2 yr old has so much fun and learns so much there! 

  • That is an excellent plan. Working it out to spend as much time with your child is great for them and makes you feel great too. And by ensuring they still socialize it helps to promote their development. Don't feel bad if you let them spend a little extra time with the sitter. Doing so frees you up to take care of other important priorities - like yourselves and each other - especially if they like him/her and are learning at the same time!