Mom, I SO Understand Now!

  • So many attitudes about life and those around you change once you become a parent – often in very unexpected ways. One common side effect of parenthood is an increased appreciation for your own mom or dad. You realize just what they did and sacrificed to guide you into becoming a responsible adult. You also find out very quickly how right they were every time they told you, "Just you wait until you have your own kids!" Now that you're a mom or dad, do you see your parents in a new light? How so?


  • I absolutely do! I cut them a lot more slack than I used to. I wish now that I could tell my mom I am sorry for all those times I was a horrible teenager. I was so bad!

  • Me too. I think I spent my whole freshman year of high school grounded. However, I find that I'm accepting the grief that my own strong willed children give me not as payback for the pain I was when I was growing up. I think that I can understand and deal with it better because I was there and know the mindset behind it. I still pull the, "Because I said so," card, but I don't let it get to me. :)

  • Being a parent has opened my eyes to the world my parents always lived in. They put up with so much and my sister and I never understood most of their reasons. Now that I am raising my own child I find myself repeating some of the same lines. On the other hand I am also finding I am avoiding some of the same things they did to my sister and I. What are some of the pitfalls you don't want to repeat with your child?