SAHM looking for extra income

  • Hey guys,

    I am a stay and home mom and I am looking for a little extra income...anything helps! The only thing is that I really do not want to stick my kids in daycare, I would like something that would allow me to be home with my kids and earn some extra $$! If you have any job ideas please feel free to share! I would really appreciate the advice!

  • I have a few friends who keep a few children in their home each week. They watch their friends kids for a little extra cash every month. If that doesn't appeal to you, you need to ask yourself...what are your talents? Do you love to write? Are you a good photographer? Do you love animals? Do you sew?

    I have one friend who sews children's dresses and then sells them at consignment shops for extra cash and another friend who pet sits and house sits for several families in order to make extra money. Good luck on your pursuits and welcome to strong moms.