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    I'm a mom of two boys... 2 1/2 yrs and 5 months.  They keep me busy!  I stay at home with them, which can be tiring (in lots of ways) but I enjoy it.  My husband is a youth pastor, so I consider the church youth group my kids, too.  So in a way, I have teenagers and toddler/baby!!!  That keeps me a well-rounded individual.  Amazing how similar teens and toddlers are... just different sizes!  Glad to have a support group to talk about mommy stuff. Big Smile


  • Welcome aboard... just to let you know, we can discuss Daddy stuff too!

  • hi, I'm a mom of a 9 wk old daughter. i did work full time and go to nursing school full time, but i am now staying home with her for a couple of months. my husband is in the Navy and we are gearing up for a move to Japan in 5 months!!