How do you Celebrate the Season?

  • How do you celebrate the winter holidays? Whether this will be your first holidays with your little ones or yet another chance to celebrate the season with those special in your life, the holidays take on new significance when there are children involved.

    I'll never forget the first Christmas at my mom's after my first daughter was born. Usually hard as nails, my mother cried and thanked me for bringing Christmas back into the house. It wasn't until then that I realized just how much our family had changed since my sister and I had grown up. Since then, the holidays have been all about the kids. Are you passing the traditions you grew up with on to your children or are you creating new ones? How has becoming a parent changed your approach to the season?

  • We start by celebrating the first day of Fall each year. We sip hot cocoa on the porch even if it is 80 degrees outside. In November we go through all the children's toys and donate the ones they don't play with anymore. We bake Christmas cookies, decorate the entire house, listen to Christmas music as much as we can and watch tons of Christmas movies. I didn't really like the holidays after my mother died until my children came along. Now I just can't get enough.

  • When I first became a mom, I was kind of torn whether or not to keep celebrating the same traditions I grew up with or start some new ones of my own. What ended up happening was a blending of old and new. Like my parents would always buy a new ornament for my sister and me every Chirstmas. That's one tradition we've carried on with our girls. But instead of bundling up in the car to spend the day at grandma's with relatives in our Sunday best, my older daughter goes with her father (my ex) and my husband, me and the baby curl up at home for a day of DVDs and relaxation. Then we'll either go to my mom's, my sister's or stay here and host dinner. Either way, it's very casual.

  • Last year my daughter was a newborn so traditions we something she did not notice. This year will be the first she can not only notice, but even participate in. It makes the idea of continuing or creating them exciting to me. Because of our different religious backgrounds (my wife and I) it is important we are open to each other's needs and desires in our traditions. Which traditions we carry over, and which we are creating is, and always will be, an ongoing process but each through it all we maintain our sense of family and love - two of my favorite parts of the holidays.