Stylish Simplicity for Baby’s First Birthday

  • Baby's first birthday is a true milestone in both your life and his. At this stage of development, though, celebrating the occasion with a lavish party and tons of gifts is usually more for mom and dad than it is for the baby. I'm a big believer in making a birthday party about the kids and if they're not old enough to really enjoy a big cake and candles, cupcakes are just as good. Like me, many parents today are choosing to go a more conservative route when it comes to planning that first birthday party.

    Did you celebrate your baby's big day in stylish simplicity? What did you do to make the day special for everyone?

  • We held a bbq with our friend and family for Madison's first b-day. We bought a mickey mouse balloon and cake for her because she loves him. Our grocery store (publix) has a deal for 1st birthdays - when you buy a regular cake they make a special cake just your baby Cake. We all laughed as she buried herself in it (we had to give her a bath immediately after she was so covered there really wasn't another choice). It was just right for us - not too big, but big enough to include everyone we wanted.