Any Southern Ohio Mommas (or poppas, I guess)? Particularly Ross, Clinton, Highland?

  • Yeah, just what the subject line says. :)


    btw, I'm Kat  Hi :)

  • ross like ross next to hamilton

  • Hi! We are not too far off from you, we live in southern montgomery county.  :-)

  • Hi.  I am in Highland.  Why do you ask?

  • hey i'm in highland county too! hillsboro. where are you?

  • Oh! I didn't know anyone had replied to this...guess it's all that crap clogging my email that causes me to overlook the stuff the I actually WANT to get, ha...


    I live in South Salem...about 5 minutes outside of Greenfield...20-30 mins from hillsboro... my bd is from Highland county, I've lived in anywhere from highland, ross, clinton, hamilton blah blah blah. My daughter was born in Texas, and my son was born at Clinton Memorial...I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the maternity ward in Chillicothe, since that is wear my baby will be delivered. I don't know anyone that has or that even knows someone else that has...Just wondering if anyone had a particularly good or bad satisfy my own curiosity. Also, it's just nice to know other parents in the area, considering all MY friends are single and have no kids

  • I didn't realize anyone had responded til now :) I was just curious if anyone knows anyone that's had an experience at the maternity ward in Chillicothe...both of my other children were born elsewhere, and I don't know anyone that's been there before..just curious as to what to expect :)