Help!! I Need a New Hobby...any suggestions?

  • Before our baby was born, my husband and I used to love to mountain bike, play tennis and take long car trips to go antique shopping. Now that we have a few children, those activities are really out of the question on a regular basis. Whenever we get a few hours out of the house, we usually just go out to eat or to see a movie. Sometimes I miss how active we used to be, but I realize that our lifestyles are a bit different now. We need to find new hobbies to do together and I am getting a bit tired of the movies. Any suggestions? What kind of things do you and your husband like to do together???

  • Well, I'm not married...and my parents were seperated as I was growing up due to my dad's very active military career.  My mom was hysterically outnumbered!  My greatest memories growing up were when my sisters and I were 2,5, and 8. Mom walked us all over the city so that we weren't all cooped up in the house.  It made for some pretty relaxing days out for her.  And we girls got to see the farmer's market and get ice cream and we LIVED for the park because it's directly connected to the zoo.  We didn't always go into the zoo...but we spent a lot of time wandering together-and by the time we got back home (usually just as the sun was setting) we were too tired to drive her crazy.

    I thought I'd share that with you because you like to be out.  Maybe you can't bike anymore...but if your city/town has a nice park, maybe the occasional picnic will make you feel better.  And don't rule out nature walks!!

  • My husband and I fell in to the same problem, we found  lot of outdoor things to do as a family, we will go on nature scavanger hunts, or fishing, walking , frisbee golfing or regular golfing, we go to parks a lot or drives up in the nearby mountains sight seeing .. the kids like this, you just have to make more frequent breaks... but generally when they were little they'd fall asleep, and we'd get some quiet time "alone"... there are a lot of things that you can still do... the important part is getting past the your baby is holding you back feeling... think of everything as a learning experience for your children, as they love to see and do new things too.

  • My husband and I got into Texas Hold'em!  We have our friends over Sunday night.  If your not into card games you could try board games.  Invite some friends over and have a game night.  We like to play Monopoly, Cranium, How well do you know your partner, and risk.  The partner game and Cranium are a lot of fun!!  When it gets warm outside badminton is always a fun activity at home.

    Well I hope this helped!

  • One thing that my husband and I used to do a lot and still try to do now with our daughter is go hiking.  We loved renting cabins out in the woods, state parks etc and explore the area, hike and take long walks in nature.  My daughter was 6 months old when we took her to her first hiking trip, my husband basically carried her in those special baby carriers.  She is now 6 and one time she did a two mile hike with us! she run in those trails like crazy, looking for fairies and other magical beings :)  She loves going to cabins and exploring nature with us and building fairy houses out of natural materials in the middle of trails. Try it, children these days need that.  We love it.  As a matter of fact it is time to plan a new outing soon.

  • How old are your children? Going to theme parks or a place like Dave and Busters for a night is fun and will entertain your children, as well. Are you seeking an activity you can do with your husband with the kids or without? Without the kids, you can try googling "things to do" in your particular state and it will give you excellent ideas of activities close by. It is still cold out, but there are still many great activities to enjoy!

  • Thanks guys...these are all great ideas. With 4 children under the age of 6, life can be hectic...but you are all right..there can definitely be LIFE after baby!

  • We enjoy driving into the desert where we live and go shooting its inexpensive and tons of FUN. And why cant you guys enjoy a game of tennis together?? The kids would probably enjoy watching you play as well or let them hit a few balls around if they are big enough.

  • I have 2 children of my own and 3 step kids. Our favorite activity is to all go swimming at indoor pools or water parks. You can get some excersice or even relax and just watch the kids have fun. Sometimes on New Years Eve we stay at a Motel and all celebrate together and in the morning when we wake up we all go swimming.

  • If you're looking for a fun outdoor activity to do with the kids, try geocaching!  My kids (ages 7,5,2) think it's like a treasure hunt.  We invested in a GPS, but you can use certain phones to track down "treasure".  More info at, but basically you use GPS coordinates and clues to find hidden objects.  Size can be large enough to hide toys inside (the rule for our kids is take one, leave one...we bring a small bag of exchangeable toys along with us) down to micro (camoflauged to look like a nut or bolt).  My husband and I even geocache when we're on vacation without the kids, but it is a fun outdoor activity.  You can use the website to search by lacation and size of container to make sure the kids find the ones with toys.  You can also narrow down by ease of the terrain for smaller kids.  People can be very creative hiding the "caches" and the kids think its funny that we call people who don't know what we're doing "muggles" (from Harry Potter).