College Savings

  • We have two young children and the prospect of sending them to college someday seems like a pipe dream at times, considering the skyrocketing cost. What are you doing to help save for your child's future? Do you feel like you will be able to cover your child's tuition?

  • Unless we hit the lottery, the majority of us will probably not be able to save ALL the money needed for college. Still, we are planning for the future. When each of my children was born, I save a bit of money and opened an ESA (Educational Savings Account) for them. The money is invested in mutual funds and you can pull the money out at any time to use for educational expenses (not just college expenses). While the investments aren't pre tax, it does get to grow tax free as long as you use the money for qualified expenses. The best part is that if any of them get a scholarship and don't need all of their money, you can roll the money over to another sibling!!

  • when my son's where born we open a saving acc: for both and we put 10 dollars out of each pay check it to each.