Date night

  • A new baby is a wonderful miracle and can bring two parents closer together and make their love stronger; however, the stress of having a newborn can take a toll on a relationship. A new baby deserves all your time and energy, but your partner deserves your attention, as well. It may have just been the two of you before the birth of the baby and any lack of attention can destroy a relationship that was once solid. I have found that having "date night" once a week can keep the romance alive. Going to dinner, out to the movies, grabbing some ice cream, or even just taking a walk can open up communication and increase bonding. What are some ways you keep your relationship loving and stable after baby?

  • We do stay at home date nights.  Are kids bedtime is 9 pm, so thats when are date begins.  It is a lot cheaper than going out every week. Last week we did beer tastings.  I was really surprised at some of the different tastes. This week we are going to have a choc fondue date together, with lots of fruits, pretzels and cookies. Not exactly good for my diet, but we always have lots of laughs & great conversations.  Big Smile

  • Because of kids, time & energy, we do date nights at home once a week.  It is so much cheaper and a lot of fun.  We put our kids to bed at 9, so that gives us at least an hour of time for each other.  Last week my husband picked up 6 different kinds of cheeses & crackers.  I was amazed that I actually liked goat cheese.  This week I am planning chocolate fondue with fruits, pretzels & cookies with sparkeling white grape juice (nursing mom).  We still enjoy going out, but we like to stay in too!