How to overcome stress and being pregnant with your second child?

  • I'am a young mother that already have a beauitful daughter who is 15 months now.  Before I became pregnant she wasn't fussy and cranky with me. Now since I'm pregnant she is giving me hard time now. Some days I be mad at her when she start to cry for no reasons others days I be stress out cause I dont work right now and hate to depend on ppl. Now at first when I found out I was pregnant with my second child my boyfriend wasn't to happy about it cause we wasnt ready to have another one right. But every since he had found out what we having he was very excited. I sometimes wants to start all back over but I guess I learn my lesson. How can I be a better mom to my two kids without getting upset so quick and mad at them? I need help!

  • Culisa87, there will always be times our little angels drive us crazy. When mine does I make myself take a step back. Often a few minutes of breathing (even if it means putting her in her pack and play and stepping in the other room) and thinking can go a long way for helping me. And with that I remember that whatever is frustrating me is nothing in comparison to how good things are - I have my daughter, my wife, and all the hiccups in between just can't compare.

    If you're the only one with them all day ask your boyfriend to watch them when he gets home so you can have some personal time. Even the best of us need a bubble bath, book, or other free time activity to refresh ourselves.

    And at 15 months it is not a surprising time for her to begin pushing boundaries. But the pregnancy may also be making her feel like she's no longer your top priority in your life. Try involving her in your pregnancy - let her rub your belly, talk to her about it, etc. - it may help her to see she is still going to be just as important as ever.