Is this a normal feeling?

  • Hello mommies and daddies! I am new to this site and just looking for some advice. I had my son almost 6 months ago and he is a wonderful child. I was diagnosed with post partum depression and have been taking medication for it for a few months now. I am feeling much better and I don't have any depression at all, I just have sort of a weird question. I wanted to know if any other moms feel weird about staying home with their baby? I mean on the weekends, or if I had a vacation day or something. I don't know it's sort of hard to explain. It's like I want to go out and do things because sitting at home with the baby is just boring or something? I don't know, does anyone feel what I feel and can give me some advice?

  • It is hard to go from being an independent woman to a mom with a baby and it is perfectly normal to miss some of the freedom that you used to have. As long as you are not unhappy or miserable, I think it is normal to feel a little stir crazy for a while. It takes a while to learn how to do lots of fun things with the baby tagging along. The winter weather certainly isn't helping. In the spring, try to find a mommy group that meets at the park so you can play with your child and enjoy some much needed company or social time. Get together for playdates or get together with a friend to stroll the mall and do a little shopping with the baby. Schedule a date night or two a month and find a babysitter. It is also important to get a little time alone with you man and a little time alone for some much needed "me " time. Balance between the 3 is the key and it takes time to get it right!

  • I would say we all need time to ourselves.  But, I like to take my little boy to a restaurant (I recommend Chick Fil A, becuase of their family friendliness) I can he can play.  But, he is two.

    It's okay to take the baby out shopping with you.  Yeah, you do have to stop to feed him/her and change diapers...but it gets you out! 

    Enjoy this baby stage, because before you can blink it will be over!

  • Hello, i do know how you feel because i also was suffering from ppd and i found out it was from lack of sleep and support from friends and family and also being home with two kids. I had a baby about 3 weeks ago and i have a 5 year old who stays home with me, because i took him out of pre-k for my pp recovery. now i want him to go to school so that i can have some time to do things around the house. That also made me cry all the time not having some one to comfort me i have to do the cooking cleaning and ect... it is stress full and sometime i just want to go to the beach a run, but i cant because i have a newborn and its cold out side so i don't go out much just quick runs for doctors visits. I do feel women have to live and be a part of things in life because if we don't we will go mad. What made me feel special is enjoying my newborn and keep reminding my self how happy i truly aim even if iam not treat it like a queen i do what i have to do and make every day fun some how.
  • Honestly, i feel the same way at time too. i work four night a week and im home all day with my son. there are some time that im bored and not sure what to do. I mean, all the laundary is done and so are the dishes and i cant find a thing on tv and i would love to go out but when funds are tight its hard. but dont feel bad. we are in titled to go out and had some fun too. were moms, not dead or grounded. hope that helps

    w. sullivan

  • I am a stay at home mother to five children and as long as you have children in the home and it is hard for me to be bored. Try planning trips during the day with your son, go for walks and have picnics. Just be creative as you can, I rarely find that I am bored just that there isn't enough time in a day lol! I wish you much luck with your son. Wink

  • Hi mommy, iam a mother of a 11 month old naughty naughty boy. Well, its not your fault. it is perfectly normal. times come when you want to have your "own time". sometime by yourself as you are completely tired at the end of each day since the baby keeps you busy all the time. If you are not busy with the baby you are busy in the kitchen making dinner or lunch. bottom line u are busy all the time here are afew things you can do; 1.let your husband havesome playtime when he is back from work after he freshens up 2. do your other housechores when the baby is awake eg; when he is in hiscrib, you can talk to him and at the same time fold clothes...make the bed..etc. have a play pen in or around your kitchen and let him play therewhile u do some kitchen work. this way whne the baby naps you can take breaks and nap too. 3. on weekends have some girls day out ..or go shopping for a few hours,meetup with frens letyour spouse take care of the baby then. at times you can even take your baby to malls on weekdays too..children enjoy it outside. Also winters are depressing once summer you can go for long stroller walks. it will be fun i gurantee and you too will have some change........ hope i have answered your question happy motherhood!!!
  • Im a younger mom i had my 10 month old when i was 20 so i definitely feel that way. I was never much into going out or anything before my son but when you cant do it, it makes you want to do it more. Its hard for me to go from being able to do whatever i wanted being independent and working to staying at home all the time. My bigger dilemma is that my fiance is also young, hes 22, and wants the same things. What we try to do is give each other days. Whether it be once a week or once every few weeks we give each other one day to do whatever we want. Hang out with our friends, go out, whatever. It helps a lot too that way i get away from my son and my fiance. Its good too because when i come back i feel refreshed. Another thing we do is deals and it may sound weird but it works for us. If we are both home watching our son we say stuff like i will give you a back rub if you handle Logan while i take a bath, or if you change his diaper this time ill make dinner tonight. It breaks up the monotony of the day and makes it fun and flirty with your significant other.

  • are you saying you want some "me" time? OF COURSE! Deffinantly! Mom's need their time, and be able to re-focus your mind, regain their sanity. Good Luck!

  • I think it's normal to want a vacation day every once in a while. I am a stay at home mom and before my son got to where he could sit up and crawl and play a lot, I would feel like I was going to go crazy by the end of the day. Having friends or family over seemed to help. It's like you miss the human interaction. But now that he's more mobile and plays a lot and I can play with him a lot rather than just dangle toys in front of him it is a lot better. A digital camera helped me pass the time as well.

  • Now that your baby is 6 months and the weather is getting nicer out, do things outdoors with your baby. Take him to the zoo, the park, the aquarium, or on a picnic. You will make great memories and enjoy your time with your baby...