Just wondering??? =)

  • Well i'm 19. my name is samantha or sammy for short. But i just had my first child in january. =) but my first pregnancy didnt go as planned, though my son is very healthy. but i had asked several people if the second pregnancy is better or more special then the first or if it's just ya i'm pregnant again, or is it the first pregnancy that is the special one because that is your first child? or is it the same each time? i guess i'm just wondering because of how my first pregnancy had gone...which wasn't too well at all...and i have people already asking if i'm going to have another one...lol. (though not for a while)  but i guess i'm afraid that it's going to be the same way as to how the first was but i'm happy because i know  it could go better then the first. but it's more feeling that worries me...like if i'm going to be happy and will things be better, or if it's just not going to feel the same as to finding out about the first  pregnancy because its 2nd and with already knowing what to expect.... please let me know any advice will be greatly appreciated and will help me with my questions.

  • I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here...it is all unknown until it happens really.  I think it depends on if you want the pregnancy, how much you connect with the unborn child and if you have a pregnancy that is going well (healthwise).  What I struggled with was the fact that I loved my first born SO much and thought of him as perfect that I was scared I wouldn't have enough love to give another child!  But as I am going through my second pregnancy right now, I can't wait to hold her and love her and help her grow!  I realize I DO have enough love for both children!  My first pregnancy went A+ perfect! I missed only one day of work the whole 9 months, I felt and looked great, wasn't sick, could move easily, started at a good weight....nothing seemed to bother me.  I love being pregnant and missed it so much the first few months after he was born, although I was exstatic to have him!  This pregnancy I started off weighing more, am at an older age (6 yrs. older!), have been sick and extremely tired, can't reach to tie my shoes, have trouble getting out of bed, chairs, couches, sleeping, and the heartburn is terrible!  But I am still having that same feeling that I love the experience!  I guess because I wanted another child so much and I know what a great miracle it is to even be able to do this!  She moves way more than her brother did, and is breech!  I will probably have a c-section. But I know when it is all said and done, I will miss it once again for a while.  Growing life inside me.....what an experience and an honor.  I hope this helps a little.  Take your time, you are still very young! :)

  • I just had my second boy three weeks ago, and for me the second pregnancy was different than the first.  Several factors made it different: I had already been through it and had one child already, and didn't have as much time to relax/pamper myself or just enjoy feeling the baby because I was chasing a toddler around the house!  Plus, since my first son had been the center of my universe for 2.5 years, I was nervous about whether having another new baby in the house would cause some of his needs to be neglected.  There was no baby shower this time around, and no big celebrations, just a quiet little addition to our family.  Our new little one is just a blessing though, and perfect, and big brother is doing great with him... but the pregnancy was different than the first, at least for me.  

  • Thank you. It's just pretty much a wait and see... and congrats on your second child. But  this does help. ya i have a while before thinking about another one. =) i was just more curious because i have heard so many different thing about how the second pregnancy is and also the effect it may or may not have on you and family as well as friends (again) now thinking or having thought that is what it kinda nervwraking i guess in a way). but it seems it varies woman to woman.

  • Ya. i mean i love my son more then the world. =) but i mean just with alot of things i've heard and have been told i have thought about and i think thats what got me even more nervous in a few ways of maybe wanting another child later on because ive heard what may or may not have effect on those around you and life, etc.. i don't know if this kind of question has been asked alot or not  but its mainly now since i've had one child and people are asking if i'm going to have another one...so. and congrats on your second child. But i mean it seems it depends on woman to woman. but thank you this does help. =)