• I would really like to know why society frowns on young mothers lets not even say moms. I am much more then that. Why is that it was ok years ago for people to have babies young but now they make it seem liek the ultimate sin. I know someone who had there first child at 14 but so no one looked at her in a different way or the way the youth that are mothers today get looked at. Her parents said it was her little sister not her child.How is that any better then a teenager taking there child as there responsibilty other then pushing there child/baby on to someone else.

  • Its one of those things where SOME teen parents arent good parents and SOME teen parents neglect or abuse their children or expose them to things they shouldnt. SOME teen parents cannot get their priorities right and put their friends and having fun and boyfriends before their child. So since those are the cases that gain the spotlight we all get blamed for those idiotic people. People seem to forget that being an inadequate parent is not somehow connected to your age it has a lot more to do with the maturity level of the individual. I had a child when I was 16 and I get looked at funny and treated like Im stupid and dont know what Im doing by a whole lot of people. Its something that comes with the territory though, Its not fair but thats the way society is and as long as some teens continue to do stupid things like make pregnancy pacts and have babies because their parents wont let them get a dog and teach their kids ridiculous things like to cuss and continue to go out and party and leave their kids with anyone who will take them and act like its some sort of undeserved burden to have a child that they laid down opened their legs and created the teen parents who do a good job will get put in a category with those number of idiots

  • I was a teen mother! Now I'm a 20 something mother - I also have a college education, I am a christian, I was a homeowner at age 21, I have four beautiful little girls, I am a business owner, I am an animal lover, I am a wife, I have the best husband in the world, who was also my first love, the father of all my children, I am a hard worker, I am a runner: my point being here....don't let people define you, you are a lot of things - more than just a teen mother, you don't have to prove anything to anyone - just keep plowing forward, be yourself, stay true to yourself, and surround yourself with people who share your goals - you might have to work a little harder because of decisions you have made, but a little hard work takes you a lot further - makes you an even better person. Keep your chin up.

  • i agree with you also. I know many of these idiotic people! SOME people just don't grow up when they have kids regardless of their age. I know a 30 year old with 2 sons who is a  perfect example! It's not the age, it's just more common with younger people! 

  • yup i am 18 and my boyfriend is 23. i feel like i have to do all the growing up. i think hes only mentally prepared and just cant wait to play with our expecting beby. he doesnt realize that there is a process to everything.in fact hes playing video games right now.but then again i dont think men ever grow up.ahhh frustrating!!!

  • I was a teen mom at 17. iI had my son, finished high school and am now a junior in college. iI take care of my son and am expecting my second child. Society doens't believe that teen moms will succeed, but im a living witness to that being a lie. As long as you care for your child, nuture your child and provide for your child, you are a mom ,no matter how old you are. Don't let what people say or do discourage you. I'm 21 now and people still ask inapproriate questions about my pregnancy even though im an adult. My son is 4 now and he is in school doing a very good job so no matter what society may say, I love him and am happy I was choosen to be his mom.

  • Yea to be honest I agree with all you. Due to the fact that I am nineteen I looked at in all kinds of way but people don’t take the time to notice I am not dressed like I use to I have taken on the role of being a mother for the long haul. My family well some of them get mad because I wont ask them for help why I feel it is my responsibility not there’s. I go to school yes I did drop out of high school but it wasn't because I got pregnant like people think it was I am working to obtain my g.e.d I attend college at night I am training to be an E.M.T. I get on the bus with these girls that are the idiots that make teen mothers look bad. in the town I live in they all go to the same school and they get on the bus and are so rude and disrespect it makes me sick. I won’t trade in my life for anything else I don’t have the best on but I will continue to make the best of it for my children and myself. I am currently homeless unfortunately but I am busting my butt to make things work my children are always well dressed groomed and clean. That’s the way they are suppose to my three years old son is well mannered because that is how I was raised. It is just frustrating when I take my children to the doctor and other people are saying things like awe how sweet she is being a good big sister taking her little brother and sister to the doctor and when I correct the statement just made there jaws drop in awe. Like I have broken the law then comes the why did you do that to yourself you are so young or the your too young if you were my daughter comments.

  •  I can relate to your frustrations with people looking down on being a teen mother. Though I am now 20 and pregnant, my family still feels that I am too young. I am in school and less than a year away from my bachelor's degree so my family thinks I will ruin my future by having this baby right now. I try not to let it get to me though. It really just depends on you! I will admit there are a lot of young parents and grown parents who are immature and do not take responsibility for their children. It is up to you not to be one of those parents.

  • I was a teen mom at 17, and am now 37.  So my oldest is 19 going on 20, and my newborn is 6 weeks old.  I went through alot of put downs, especially since I was in highschool and you know how kids can be towards other kids, and let's not mention the school administration.  I felt so ashamed, and embarrassed, instead of being a proud mother like now.  It's sad....I guess they all assumed I'd never amount to anything, that I had ruined my life, and I bought into that.  Luckily I did have some great friends who never treated me differently, and some great in-laws (I married at 17 too) who welcomed their grandchild and me into the family, and though things weren't always great, I made it.  Do I want my daughters to become parents while they are teens?  No.  I have conversations with them about the real struggles I went through, emotionally, financially, I really was NOT ready to be a mom, but I did grow up REALLY fast.  I tell my daughters I'd like them grow and discover who they really are and what they want from life before they become parents, but if they do, I will always love them.  The stereotypes have not gone away, and since I am only 37 and look really young, when people find out my oldest is almost 20, married, in the military, I get the pause....the look...they are doing the math, looking at me, and almost always have "that" tone as they say "You look so young".  Yeah I am young, AND???  I'm more worried about being 37 with a newborn, and how am I going to have the energy to keep up with her now that I'm alot older.  Youth had its advantages!

  • well said. I agree with that. It's not all teen moms that are bad parents. There are some older parents that are total butt heads. It's just that some teen moms should have their fun and get a career to offer their children something good in the future. Times change and so should how you provide for your child. Don't you want your child to have a better life than what you or your parents had. That is how I see it.

  • I am young as well just turn 21 and am 24 weeks pregnant. Of course my family was upset. I never thought about getting ready of my baby i couldnt live with that for the rest of my life. I am still in school and working . I will continue that as long as I can. As long as you put god first everything will work out. Finish school, work take care of your baby then no one should question you being a mother. I have seen couples and single parents struggle. No matter how much money they have or just one parent they fall sometimes. Its hard for everyone so dont let that get to you handle your business as my mom would say ha. Your going to be a good mother dont let no one tell you differently. Peace.P.S HAVING A LITTLE BABY BOY YEAHHH

  • I am 38 and I have  two kids now. I had my first child at the age of 20 few months shy of 21. I know even then that it was going to be hard but I didn't give up at all. I wanted to have my kids young so that I could have the energy to do things with them.  I think that people (teen moms) should still give themselves time to have children. I don't regret having my child at a young age, but if I would have waited I would have had a lot more to offer. I want my daughter to wait until she is ready and live life to the fullest before getting into having kids. I also have a son that is 10 and he is a handful. I love my kids and do so much with them but now I'm getting closer to 40 then 50 and starting all over again. This time I have more to offer my children. I'm old school in a lot of ways in raising my kids. I'm a parent not a friend to my kids. I will always do for my kids no matter how big they get to be and love them no matter what path they follow. I can only hope that I have taught them enough that they make and choose the right path.

    Being a young mother is not so bad. Don't worry what people think you live your life. At the end it's those people that pass judgement that won't be there to help you out when you need it right. Who cares what their opinion is. Only once person in the world can pass judgement and He is the only one. 



    teen moms were okay almost  90 years ago because people didn't live as long. At the age of 15 you were considered a man or women old enough to marry and work. but the longer we live the longer we believe people are children and do not place responsibility on them  so we get parents who are nuts and hurt there children because they don't know how to take care of themselves let alone a child.  It also dose not help that most of society morals are based on the puritan ancestors and they hated color, young unwed mothers were  just unheard of.

    At least now we don't send our daughters off to"aunt sally" or whom ever. which was actual a school  for pregnant girls who were sometimes brought back home after the baby was born and some story was invented such as there baby was adopted or a cosine died and the child passed to them.

  •  i was a teen mom myself at 17 i went to a school with a bunch of other teen moms, some weren't even in high school yet. i guess its more or less the reason they frown upon being a teen mom is because all they hear about are the teen moms who dont take responsibility for their own actions and place the responsibility in others hands, which is rediculous. im not the best speller sorry. they dont see the teens that do everything they can to provide for there children and love there children. which is unfortunate for us. but u cant really change it, there gonna see things the way they want to. just keep ur head up we do our best and thats all that matters especially if ur a single teen mom, if ur still standin ur doing a great job and dont forget it either.

  • I have noticed where I live that SO many teens are pregnant when just 3 years ago it was rare. Some of those girls are doing great things with their lives and are going to be amazing moms. While there are a few that don't want to put forth the effort. They all get the same rep though and it's not fair. You just have to ignore what socity says because they don't look at everyone as a person but as what they expect. Many people work and start providing for themselves at 16 while others are playing with boy and making bad decisions. Forget what everyone says and do what you know is best for you!