First time mom with cats......

  • I'm concerned about my cats getting into the crib.  What can I do or use to keep them from getting into it?

  • Good question, I was actually have the same question. I plan on putting the crib up early for them to get used to. But they are so curious. Any suggestions?

  • If your cats are like my 4 they will think all the baby stuff is their's.  Allow the cats to go into the crib before the baby goes into maybe the excitment will wear off.  Also you can buy netting to go over the crib, it's kind of a pain but if you are that worried I would invest.  Please note that there has NEVER been a reported case of child death by cats.

    I'm kind of an expert on cats if you need advice email me at

  • I have a cat also but she is pretty to herself im 15 weeks now but i put up a 4 in 1 pack and play and she doesnt even care about it really..........i was actually more worried about when the baby is here is there anything to worry about cause i know my cat can smell milk from a mile away when we have cereal or anything lol

  • We were very concerned about our cats and our son.  He is just turning 15 weeks.  The cats want to check out everything that belongs to him and sleep in all of it.  We found a product by Tots in Mind, both a tent for his crib and a snap on one for his pack n play and they work wonderfully.  They have great support and definately keep the cats out.

  • We have 5 cats and just got our first foster babies, twin 6mo olds!  The cats have had no intrest at all about going in the crib.  They do like to play with some of their toys though.  We give our cats their very one sleep areas (they are very spoiled) so perhaps that helps.

  • I had 2 cats when my daugther was born they didn't try to get in her face or anything the only problem we had was marking their spot in her crib. Other than that I don't think you have anything to worry about. Good Luck 

  • we are an animal friendly home, we have 3 dogs, 8 cats and tons more other animals. there is a product you can buy, almost like a tent to put on the top of the crib to make it so they cant jump cats are curious and love getting into things, but amazingly i found they didnt want anything to do with her crib.  now her swing, they loved. for her swing, id put a blanket on it incase they did sleep in it, the hair would be on the blanket and not the swing.

  • I had a freind that couldnt keep her cats out of the babies room so she put a screen door up not a heavy one it was very light.This kept the cats out and she could still hear the baby.

  • well i have 2 cats and they are both very curious, we put all the babystuff up early so that they could get used to it being in the house, but you don't want them to think it's a new toy or a new bed for them, we let them scope it out, but we did not let them jumpin or climb on any of the babystuff, to prevent this we got a squirt bottle and filled it with water, if they get alittle too excited we give them a little squirt.

  • I haven't tried this myself but my friend said you can fill the crib with balloons and it will keep them out.  I guess they would pop if they jump in.  It is to train them before the baby gets there.  I never tried that before the baby got here.  I just tell my 3 cats "no" and get them out of it.  I have only caught them in her pack n play a few times.  They really are not that interested.  I have to kick them out of the room when she goes to bed though.  Don't trust them not to get in her bassinet to snuggle up with her.

  • I have two cats and one wonderful thing my hubbie does for  me now... chances the kitty litter!!  The cat's room will be our baby's room, and we are just now starting to move the cats down stairs and my husband and I are really starting to worry that the cats will not take well and keep getting into the crib!  I like that tot tent I saw and may have to invest.

  • All you need is a SCAT mat, it's a mat you can put in the crib and gives a mild shock to the cat which deters them immediately, it only takes them a few tries to get the picture! You can find one at DRSFOSTERandSMITH online.