Help Me-Meeting People?

  • When I found out I was pregnant I was living the wild life and I immediately stopped all of that and I got rid of all the people I knew because they were not healthy for me or my baby. Since I had lived that wild life for so long those are the only kind of friends I had. Now that I don't do the same things and hang out in the same places.....I have no friends. I take that back-I have my Sunday school class(about 6 people all above the age of 60) Somebody help me......I don't know how to find healthy, good-for-me-and-my-baby friends. I feel very embarassed asking this, but I don't want my little girl to think the only people that exist in this world are her relatives and the computer. I would GREATLY appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.

  • Do you work?  I work in a place with over 500 employees and its easy to meet new people.  Also, there are SO many pregnancy sites out there, I was able to find lots of moms in my area.  What about family friends?  Or old friends?  I found myself reconnecting with good people I lost a long time ago once I found out I was pregnant.  Other than that, the only thing I can suggest is to get involved, maybe in volunteering or community groups to meet new people.

  • A great way to meet people going through a lot of the same experiences as you is through play groups or parenting groups.  Where I live there are many different activities advertised in the community section and I also get a KIDS book each month with places for children and other info on upcoming events.  At Children's Hospital they offer groups moms and their babies and parent support.

  • Go where the kids activities are: story time at the library, jumpy places (where they have all the blow up toys for them to play on), kid's day at the mall, and the park. If there is a Mommy and Me class near you that would also be a good idea. That is where you are going to meet moms in the same stage as you.

  • I need to follow through with meeting some people myself, but I agree with the other posters.  There are probably parenting groups close to you.  The libraries and some bookstores around here have story times.  The malls have play areas and there are lots of parks.

  • I forgot all about bookstore story times. Our Books a Million has a story, craft, and snack every Tuesday.

  • And libraries or your town's recreation center. There are usually story times or mommy and me classes that are either free or very cheap. What about Facebook? It's great for reconnecting with old friends that may have fallen by the wayside in your wild days. If they have kids, it's a good place to open the door to conversation. I even offered to meet up with an old boyfriend of mine for a playdate with our kids.