Finding time for fitness

  • I love working out. It makes me feel better both mentally and physically. I also know that it is important to set a healthy example for my children. However, with two children I have found that exercise is not something that happens very often. The gym is expensive, DVD’s are almost impossible with them underfoot, and running with the jogging stroller is just not something my out of shape body can handle. Have you maintained a fitness routine since becoming a parent? How do you find time for fitness?

  • I have (what I consider) an inexpensive gym membership ($26/month).  I haven't been going, but I have decided to start going after work an hour three times a week.  I get off work at 4:30pm, so I will start heading home around 5:30pm now.  Daddy stays home with baby and doesn't mind me staying out a little longer 3 days a week to stay healthy.  Also, in my town, we have a "boot camp."  I am going for the 2 week trial, and it is at 5:30am.  My baby is a good sleeper and usually sleeps until after I leave for work anyway, so this should not put on extra strain on Daddy.  I think the next thing I might need to find time for is SLEEP.  Also, when the weather gets warmer, I plan on taking baby out in the stroller everyday.

  • I joined the gym! I am loving it. I took a spin class yesterday and it kicked my butt. I still think it is too expensive. It is 29/month, but they charge 2/child each time I use the childcare. That is the part that makes it so expensive.

  • Hehe, I was never much for exercising to begin with. I know it's not a real "workout" but we bought a wii fit which I've used a little bit. It's good because I can do it in the house and because it helps me be more active than I usually am.

  • I love the gym. But my focus is so divided most of the time that getting there is a huge issue. I've given up trying right now because I know that making "me" time really isn't an option until things settle down in my life.

    When I do go, I try to make it as routine as possible. I have a problem with having to do something personal at a certain time of day on scheduled days; I can never really make myself stick to it. So what I do is make my schedule as flexible as possible. As long as I make it a certain number of times, I'm happy.

    I also love gyms with daycare. They are WONDERFUL!