Adoption Stories

  • I don’t know about you, but it seems that I am meeting more and more adoptive parents lately. These very caring and devoted people each have a unique story to tell that give anyone with or are thinking about having children a wonderful new perspective on traditional ideas of becoming a mom or a dad.

    Whether it’s the colleague who helped the birth mother through her pregnancy and met their son on the night he was born, or the middle-aged divorcee who went all the way to China to bring home the child she was never able to have with her husband, I find my life is enriched from knowing them and sharing in their lives. Are you an adoptive parent? If so, I would love to hear the story of your journey to parenthood.

  • I'm adopted! My parents adopted me when I was 27 months old. I am so grateful to them for taking a chance on a toddler. I know tons of people who have adopted. I have at least two neighbors who have adopted, several friends who have or are adopted, and two adopted nephews. I hope to adopt someday too.

  • My partner and I have adoped a baby boy.  My partner knew the birth mom, so we were able to be there through the pregnancy.  He's 7 weeks old now, and as adorable as ever!

  • My husband and I tried for several years to have children of our own. And in December of 2008 we were presented with the opportunity to adopt twin girls that were to be born in April.  We gladly accepted that opportunity as a blessing from God.  Our daughters were born on March 5, 2008 and we got to meet them the next day.  We are in the process of completing the adoption.  


  • Doubleblessings- Were you seeking an adoption or did it find you? I know many people who had thought about adoption, but never really looked into it. Then the opportunity just presented itself to them.

  • In a round about way this adoption found us...we found out about the birthmom through a friend of a friend.  We stopped our fertility treatments in November 2008 and was just going to get through the holidays and then start our paperwork and adoption stuff in January.  However, when we were presented with this adoption it was around the first of December.  So, because we so desperately wanted children we decided to go with this one....only after much prayer and talking to our family.  Everyone is excited about the babies and now we are just ready for everyone to meet them...the girls were born in Phoenix and we are from Alabama.  So we have been here for going on 7 weeks now.  Hoping to go home this week.  I would advise anyone that is thinking about adoption to discuss it with their family and to have family support behind them, because without ours we would be out here with out anything.   You also have to love the adopted children just the same as your own.  These are our first two children and we love them very much....

  • Ganns, how wonderful to have been involved throughout the pregnancy. That must add a whole new dynamic to the experience of being new parents. Do you feel that being that involved in the pregnancy has helped create a special bond?

    I know my husband felt very connected to our daughter when I was carrying her, especially when she would kick at him in bed through my stomach.


  • a great idea to start a topic here but i have to say that your view of "who adopts" is very narrow.  i am the BIO mom of two kids and the adoptive mom of two more.  i am NOT a middle-aged divorce or unable to conceive.  surprise!  my husband and i CHOOSE to adopt.  from foreign countries, nonetheless.  adoption is NOT a last choice, only to be considered after all other options have been exhausted.  it needs to stop being portrayed as such!  for us, and MANY other wonderful people, it is the first choice.  we are the blessed ones and the children are our blessings.

  • You are right kmsmom24. Like writemommy said, each person has their own unique story about how adoption has changed their life. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • I'm sorry if it seemed like I was portraying adoptive parents that way. That was certainly not my intention. What I wrote there were just a few examples of people I've known who've adopted, and they've been pretty varied. From other moms at daycare to colleagues at work, everyone has a unique story to tell on this subject, even those from my own family.

    Three of my cousins were adopted by the same mother, who had adopted quite a few of the foster children she and her husband cared for over the years. When I met my husband, his family was fostering a baby. With three grown, adult children already, my in-laws were seriously considering her -- something they'd had to resist over the years because of the number of foster babies they'd cared for. But they were finally in a place where they could welcome another child into the family. 

    I don't think that anyone here on the boards meant to imply that only a certain "type" of person adopts, but rather want to celebrate those who do or have been. It's not a topic that's discussed often enough in parenting circles, which is why I wanted to talk about it.

  • HI,

    I am in the process of adopting my nephew. My sister does not what to keep him and we can not have any more. I have ason thaT IS 4 years old and he is lonely. I fill that this has been a blessing. I have talked to her with the intent to make her realize that the right thing to do is to keep him. However, she refuses to have anything to do with him. So, I will gladly, joyfully keep him.

    Big Smile

  • Those of you who choose to adopt children are truly great people. These stories are all heart warming and I hope others read these posts and become inspired to adopt children because there are so many chilcdren out there from all walks of life who need loving parents.

  • My husband and I *hope* to adopt.  We have recently become trained foster parents and now have a little one in our care. Our long term goal is to adopt, but in the meantime, we wanted to help kids in need in our state as best we could!

  • Congratulations! Best of luck as Foster Parents.

  • That's such a great story. You don't hear about fostering as much as other types of family situations. My in-laws fostered for nearly 30 years and those children were so loved in their home. Even now, they're still in touch with some of the kids they fostered. This is a truly rewarding experience, and I wish you the best of luck with your adoption goals.