Hello everyone

  • im a mum of three oldest to youngest is 16 years apart its crazy i know never thoght i would have my children so far apart. Liam is my youngest he is now 5 weeks old and a very fussy baby both my other two were sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night at 6 weeks old Liam is still just sleeping 4. I have to go back to work this monday and im so worried about leaving him as i stayed home with my other two

  • I also live in So. Md.. I do daycare out of my home and feel sometimes that I don't really know anyone but my daycare moms. I love my job and all the kids in my care but sometimes getting out and doing something would be great..

  • I have a teenager (17) and I am 6 months pregnant so I understand the age difference. At least I will soon! But I am recently married and my husband does not have any children so we are starting all over. It's very exciting but I hope it's like riding a bike - I hope I'll remember how to take care of a newborn. I also am starting grad school when the baby is a month old so I'm praying for a good sleeper. Who did you find to watch your baby when you returned to work?