First time mom is looking for a moms-friends in Northen NJ area, Harrison :)

  • Hi !


    My name is Katerina and I'm the first time mom, my son Gregory is 3 month old. I live in Harrison, NJ and as I've been living here not for long period of time, don't really have much friends, especially moms. Would be great to know someone in my area to be mom-friends:)

  • hi im willing to be your friend, although i live in mobile, ala. this will be my first baby and im excited. im 10 weeks . so hello friend


  • Hmm, not sure where Harrison, NJ is but I am in South Jersey. And my Daughter is almost 3 months. How old are you Katerina?


  • HI Jennifer! :)

    Harrison it's not far from New Ark .

    I'm 25 years old and my son is now 3,5month:)


  • Hi!


    I'll be glad to become friends! Congrats with your pregnancy?How it's going?

  • Will be glad to become friends.:) Where are you from?

  • Hi Katerina, I'm a first time mom also to a son he is 1 month I live in South Jersey by Seaside.  

  • Hi Kateryna, welcome to NJ!  I too have not been in NJ for very long...maybe 3 years. I know exactly where Harrison, NJ is. My husband works in that town. I would enjoy talking with you. I am expecting at the end of September. Looking forward to your reply.



  • Big SmileHi Kateryna, I'm sorry if I'm sending this to you again. It's my first time using this website.

    I know exactly where Harrison, NJ is - my husband works in Harrison, but we live out in Kinnelon.

    I too have not lived in NJ for a long time. I know we don't live near one another, but perhaps we could be friends via "strongmoms" website. If that's OK with you. I'm expecting at the end of sept. looking forward to hearing from you Smile

  • Hi! I would love to be friends via "strongmoms" website Smile even if we don't live near each other it would be great to talk to you Smile How is your pregnancy going? Whom do you expect?

  • hi how r u? my name is shazia and i am first time mom also my baby is 3 weeks old even i dont have any moms friends so i'll be ur friend i live in long island

  • hi and congrats!! i'll be ur friend. i live in Newark,NJ and i'm 3 1/2 months pregnant with my first child!Cool

  • Hi Shazia! Will be glad to become friends :)


  • HI All,

      My name is Tara, and I'm a first time mom.  I am currently 27 weeks.  I live in Forked RIver, NJ.

  • Hi Tara! congrats and welcome to motherhood :)