Why do they make it so hard!

  • I don't know why my mom and the father of my baby make it so hard on me. My mom hates him and she doesn’t even know him she is making me pick between them she is always telling me that my baby dose not need a father but I know better I did not have a father and I needed one, but my baby also need a grandma why can't they understand that I need them both. The father of my baby can't even go to the doctor appt. with me and my mom because as soon as he get there my mother leaves and threats me to stop helping me this is my and chauns first baby and my mothers first grandchild. I just don't know what to doCrying

  • I know this is easier said then done but, you have to stand up for both you and your child (not saying you haven't). If you and the father are in a serious commited relationship your mom has to see that, and back off. If you and the father are not in a relationship you need to tell your mom that he is the father like it or not. She can't bar him from the dr's appts all the time becuz what if he is watching the baby and something goes wrong he will not know what to do and how to fix. Stand up for you, your, baby and your relationship. Your Mom will see that this is how it is like it or not. But if after you have the discussion with her and she still refuses to buge then tell her that you will bar her from seeing her grandchild at all costs. that might change her mind, especially if this is her only grandchild

  • This is an incredibly difficult situation to be in and I feel for you and your baby. Try sitting down with your mom one night and telling her how you feel and how she is making you feel. Discuss your concerns with her and allow her to do the same. She may be feeling scared and uncertain about your future...maybe she is worried that the baby's father will only complicate an already complicated situation. Let her know that you wish to have your baby's father involved as much as he would like to be, but that you also need her. Maybe once you both talk, you will be able to smooth things over with her a bit better. If not, see if your mom and boyfriend would consider going to a counselor or priest for guidance. Sometimes an objective third party can be helpful. Good luck.

  • take it from someone that just experienced that stand your ground and stand for what you believe and even in the worst moments dont let your mom takeover.

    p.s. I made them sit down and talk/fight it out and then I told them to squash it because it was stressing me out and this is a joyous occasion.

  • well that is totally messed up because those are special times to be together during the appts. because those are memories and i dont see why she just cant deal with it because its your child and its your boyfriend and you need to talk to them straight up or its only going to get wose even after the baby is bron and you do not need that kind of stress especialy when you are stil pregnant. its not healthy because when your unhappy the baby is unhappy. and i probley know you dont want to let your baby see that they hate each other because you just want an healthy environment for him/her. i dont understand why she will stop supporting you when its her first grandchild. she should be happpy and be focusing on you and the baby. i know my mother dont like me and she talks so much mess about everyone and i mean everyone. it sux but at least i dont have to see her and put stress on myslef for no reason when i dont really care because as long as i have my baby daddy its a little bite easier. but i hope they settle there diffrences before the baby comes in to this world.good luck and hope things get better <3 love jasmine Cool