First time mom looking for friends around Severn, Maryland

  • Am a first time mom to my son born 3 weeks ago.

    I only moved here about 6 months ago and as such has no friends here really.

    I need moms who are mobile and are as bored as I am.

    Kindly reply if you live within 5 to 15 miles radius and share similar profile.

  • Shade28,

    I'm also a first time mom.  I am due on June 9th. So it could happen any day now. Big Smile

    I live in Annapolis.  If you would like to get together sometime, that would be great.

    Are you planning on going back to work?  If so when does your maternity leave end?

    Talk to you soon,


  • Thanks Jenna,

    Am not planning on working up until my baby is about 6 months.

    I  really do not know what to expect, you know as to how soon baby can start to cope with day care and making arrangement for nannies.

    I'm going to be doing that all by myself for some time to come.

    What about you?