Having a deployed spouse

  • Raising children alone while your spouse is deployed can be a very difficult experience. If you are stationed away from friends and family this time may be even lonelier. Military moms and dads play the role of single parent by maintaining their homes, managing finances, and raising their children while their spouse is away.


    While single parents and those whose spouses are deployed have much in common, there are some challenges unique to spouses of deployed such as: explaining your spouse’s career to your children, making holidays and home visits special, making your spouse more than just a picture for younger children who haven’t been around them very much, and showing your children your spouse’s love for them in their absence.

    1.         How do you handle these challenges?

    2.         What has been the most difficult part of having a deployed spouse?

    3.         Where do you go for support and someone to talk to?

  • The challanges are the worst when it is 3am and you are alone in the house. I am constantly depending on others to help me get through him being gone. I have a newborn and it is hardest because I know he is missing milestones and seeing her get bigger everyday. The most difficult thing is dealing with colic, fussiness, and gas and having no one to hand the baby to or to take a shower alone. I find my greatest support is from other military wives and people on message boards who have gone thru the same expierance, it is amazing how alone you don't feel when you know how many people feel the same way.