Tummy Slim down??

  • I am a first time mom to a beautiful 10 week old boy. I was unable to excersice for the 1st 8 weeks. I am back at work and am having a hard time slimming my stomach down. I was slim when I got pregnant and gained about 40 pounds. I have already shed 25 pounds but am having a hard time loosing this pooch. Any tips on how to slim it down fast? Am I always going to have this lovely addition? Any advise would be great!!

  • It is hard....don't expect too much from yourself since your baby is only 10 weeks old. Many moms don't lose all the baby weight for the first 6 months to a year. Just focus on getting back into shape. Now that the weather is nicer, join a stroller fit class or take your baby for walks every evening to burn calories. Don't starve yourself, but focus on increasing your whole grains and veggies at EVERY MEAL! Good luck
  • I'm a first time mom myself of a 12 week old baby girl.   I gained 35 pounds during my pregnacy, and I

    lost it all.  I eat right and don't excercise.  You know what helped to flatten my stomach is using a

    postpartum support belt.  I use it every day.  You wear it under your clothes and people won't even

    notice your wearing it.  Try it it really works!

  • where can i find one of those?

  • I saw something like that at Target a while ago.

  • I bought mine at the hospital, but I've seen them at babies r us.

  • I think yoga really helps. Just stretching in general. Yes