Working From Home?

  • I just recently had my daughter, and it means everything to me to be there for all of the "firsts", and to raise her and watch her grow. Unfortunately, the bills still have to get paid, does anyone have any ideas on working from home? Any tips? Please help! 

  • I'm so sorry. I can sympathize for sure. I had picked out a daycare for my son before he was born. The day he arrived I knew there was no way I was sending him. I cut down to two days a week when I went back to work three months later, while trying to find work from home. It took a year and a half to find my current job working from home. In the meantime, I worked two long shifts a week and tried to make as many of them third shift as I could. Third shift is always something to consider if you are a person who can survive the lack of sleep.

    The best place to start looking for work from home is . Keep a check on their telecommute job listings (updated daily) and browse their message boards. You will find more information than you can possibly digest in one day.

    Finding a WAHM job really depends on what your talents, education, and experience is. I might have some ideas for you if you can give me a little more info.

  • I work mostly from home as a writer and travel around from school to school teaching college students how to write, so I'm always looking for more opportunities to make money. As a writer, I have a lot of options open to me through professional groups and networking sites. I offer specialized skills that lend themselves to working at home.

    Look at what you're skilled at and decide what types of work you feel would best suit you as a WAHM (Work at Home Mom). This is one area that has expanded greatly over the last few years, especially in the virtual assistant market. Once you figure out what you think you'd be qualified to do, then do some research online about availability of work-at-home opportunities in this line of work. You don't see many work-at-home biochemical engineers (unless they own their own business or consult), but there are many home-based bookkeepers, sales reps, transcriptionists, graphic designers, and other office-based professions.

    Check out for sample jobs. It's a pay service, and I've only been with it for a month, so I haven't decided whether or not the subscription fee is really worth it. But you can browse opportunities and see if what they offer is something you're interested in.

    You can also do Monster or CareerBuilder searches and add "telecommute" to your search options. Don't limit your criteria to a certain city, state, or region and you'll get more leads. Craigslist can also net some good opportunities, but I would caution you to be very discerning about which ads you respond to. Many are misleading or scams. I have, though, gotten a few good paying jobs from there.

    Good luck!