Should I quit my job??

  • I am a Dad that like many other Dads now in the modern times of family make less money than my wife.  We just had our son and we are in need of daycare.  I think that I should  stay at home but my wife thinks that I should get a better job and pay daycare cost instead.

    I disagree.  I dont think I should be giving my paycheck to someone just for the sake of paying for daycare.  The monthly daycare is going to run about $600 a month.  My daytime part time job pays me $550 a month.  My evening job pays more.  What should I do?

  • I think that, if your wife can support the family that it would be fine for you to quite your job and take care of your child. I also think that you could get a few classes and maybe take care of other children and become a childcare provider at home. That way you can care for your child and bring in a little extra money.

  • Hi Hutton,

    Instead of leaving the job or sending the baby to day care how about if you can talk to your neighbours and do a baby sitting swap? Does that work, My friend is doing the same. My friend is taking care of  2 babies on Monday and her husband is doing it on friday. so their baby is covered for the whole week.




  • Hello, I think you should find a better paying job. It's not easy just having one income now a days. Even if you find a better paying job, it's still an income that will help in your household.
  • Can you quit the daytime job and just working the evening one? If you can hand your son over to your wife in the evening and go to work, you will end up saving money or at least breaking even. I, personally, just love the idea of being able to stay with my child. It is certainly not possible for everyone but has been a tremendous reward for me to be able to be with my child most of the day. Hope this helps!

  • I agree wit you 100%. I make more than my partner, and i would rather see him stay at home with our child than to have someone else watch them. Which also becomes difficult as if your child is sick they cannot go to daycare, which means parents taking time off from work. I work in a building with a daycare and you never are 100% on the people employed there. One of the employees hit her child although not convicted and it was in the paper, so she was able to keep her job. Just some things to think about, its hard not knowing who will be caring for your child.  It would  be nice if you cold keep a parttime job in the evening or whenever your partner is home to care for the child to help with expenses and get you out of the house so you dont go stir crazy! Hope this helps!