No Friction At My Bby Shower Please!

  • I have a little problem....I have a daughter in law and a ex-daughter in law. I would really like for the both of them to come to my baby shower but they dont get along! I dont have the heart to invite one and not the other! What should I do? I love them both.

  • Try talking to them both (separately) and let them know how you feel. Let them know that you would like them both to be there to help celebrate your new baby, but they have to keep things civil. In the end though, you have to be okay with the fact that one or both of them may choose not to come....rather than spoil your day. Tell them to be honest with you now about whether they can put aside their differences for the day or if they would rather just visit you separately another weekend. Good disputes are never fun..but hopefully things will work out in the end. Let us know how it goes.

  • I would say invite them both. It is their issue that they do not get along and not your issue! You might want to talk to your son about your concerns and see if he can talk to them, atleast letting them know they both have been invited. -Jess
  • That's a dilemma, for sure. If they cannot agree to get along at the shower, I would personally give preference to the current daughter in law. She is in your family and married to your son, as opposed to no longer married. It's great that you still have a good relationship with your ex daughter in law. Maybe you can do something seperately with her to let her know you still enjoy her company. Tough call!

  • How did it go? Hopefully all was well!