safe home

  • I know how it feels to take away things he’s playin frm his hands which might not be safe in the kitchen/anywhere in home.Then why have the products that shud have safety caps in home at all.I wish to help you help our babies face a safer environmnt today & tomrrow.MOMs let’s get together to make a better tomrrow frm today itself for the little ones even if they haven’t stepped in the world 

  • Well said. With three girls younger than 4, it's a constant battle to keep them from hurting themselves or each other with common household items. The world should be baby-proofed!

  • I found out that you have to be careful, even with safety proofed items! My little guy managed to get the cap off a bottle of tylenol that had a child proof cap on it. Scary! Thankfully I heard him do it and he didn't eat any pills. I feel the same way you do - the world is a scary place for our kids sometimes. It'd be great if we could all come together to make it a safer place!

  • mukta0806-What a great message! I very much agree, and at times it seems like those little ones seem to attract things that they are not supposed to have in their little hands! I think those pill bottles that Julie mentioned to are parent proof but not always kid proof. I think it's best to kept anything not safe up high above their heads and out of reach! Keep up the good work mukta! -Jess