Is any one else allergic to the sun and if so how does it affect how you raise a child ??

  • I have recently been diagnosed with a sun allergy ( its the one where you break out into hives when exposed to the sun ) its really not serious yet but i was wondering if any one else has this condition and if so how does it affect the way you raise your child ? Children love to be outside and you have to supervise them all the time. So any suggestions. Im drawing a complet blank..

  • Can you wear any of the new UVA/UVB protective clothing they now have? I'm 28 weeks prego, and I can't go outside for more than 15 minutes w/o breaking out in hives. My dr told me to put on SPRAY suntan lotion because it gives you more coverage than applying it yourself. Other wise, I sit under a lawn umbrella while everyone else sits in the sun.

  • i have ALWAYS had an allergy to the sun! sometimes u get so overwhelmed u forget to protect ur skin. i learned the hard way the most brutal spot the sun effects me is my scalp so i always keep a lite breezy hat by the door fyi baseball caps make it worse by harboring heat. straw hats or very lite weight material hats work best. buy several of those travel sized sun screens and stash them everywhere! in the car, by the door,in ur purse, diaper bag, jacket pockets 4 when u do break out get caladryl its the same stuff that u see 4 poison oak but its comes in a clear form to(blue & white bottle, not pink)so no funny pink splotches lol i never avoid the sun i just make sure to always have protectant. some sun screens can agitate break outs so use the mild formulas if neccesary like 4 infants or sensitive formulasCool hope i helped