a poem i wrote for my baby girl Leslie

  • What a cute little baby, so small and sweet.

    A cute little baby with two cute feet.

    And on those feet is ten cute little toes.

    And on her face, a cute button nose.

    Two cute eyes, so pretty and blue.

    They shimmer and shine when she looks at you.

    She lights up a room with her smile so bright.

    Cause her love and her beauty, you'll hold her tight.

    This baby so small, so pretty and smart.

    Every photo of her, a work of art.

    Her name is Leslie, she's sweet as a dove.

    And every day she gets all of my love.

    That wonderful baby, so small and sublime

    I wish to be with her a long long time.


    by Brittany Williams

  • Your poem captures the sentiment of what it is to be a parent... thanks for sharing! I thought I knew how much love and affection I would feel when I became a father, but the real experience blows this away. Leslie is a very lucky little girl!

  • That is beautiful, I'm so glad that you shared it with us! You so need to save that for your baby so that when she gets older she can see how much you adore and love her! Does she have a baby book? If so you so definitely put a copy in there. :) Jess
  • So Sweet!