Remember when??

  • Taking care of little kids can monopolize your time and cause your relationship with your partner to suffer. Sometimes, when it has been a while since I have had time out with my husband, I like to stop and remember how it was we came together. It brings a smile to my face and new appreciation for how much I love him. What about you and your partner? How did you meet and what made you fall in love with him/her?
  • My husband rented the basement apartment of my great uncle's house while he went to art school. We were just casual friends at first since I knew him as my uncle's downstairs renter and that was pretty much it. He ended up getting invited to Easter dinner with my whole family, when he didn't go home for the holidays, and I noticed how great he was with my whole family at that point! Not to mention very cute. ;-) We got to talking and found out we liked the same kind of movies, saw a movie together the next week, started dating, and got married a year and a half later! The best part of it all was that I never had to introduce him to the family - they loved him already ! :-)