• Hello, my name is Vanessa, Im a stay at home mom with three children..I am new to this site, hoping being able to interact with adults will hopefully stop me from losing what little bit of sanity I have left.  Dont get me wrong I wouldnt have my life any other way, its just sometimes you need to talk about stuff other than babies, and xbox.  My husband works alot and when he gets home is exhausted....so no convo there Stick out tongue  Is there anyone out there from Delaware?  If so do you know of any play groups that maybe my children and I could join.  My daughter that is three really needs to play with more kids her own age....any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello Vanessa , I am also located in Delaware I have also been looking for play groups for my Daughter who is 2 1/2 the only one I have found is at the Local Ymca .

  • Well, I'm not from Delaware but I thought I'd say hi! I can related to the need to talk about things other than babies and drool. :-) I just joined a MOPS group here - you might check those out. They usually meet at a church, but you don't have to be going there to attend. Another idea is to check out your local community centers. Sometimes they have activities and classes you can go to with your kids for pretty cheap and I've met some great people there. How old are all your kids? Write back!