Great News

  • Well my husband came home the other day very happy. He said that he asked his job about when the baby born is he allowed to call off so he can be there. And his job told him that they will give him 3 payed days for when the baby comes...So we are bother really happy about it. He was exspecially just because now he doesnt have to miss his son being born.

  • I am so happy for you both! This is indeed wonderful news! Keep us posted on how things go with the little one, and CONGRATS! -Jess
  • Great news! Glad to hear that your hubby can be there! It is an experience that you can never re-create! Congrats!

  • So wonderful!! More jobs should do that - so important for those Dads to be there for such an amazing event in your life. Happy for you guys!
  • That is good news!!! When is your little one due to arrive?