Bottle Washing

  • Do you put your baby's bottles in the dishwasher?

  • I do the washing in soap and water and then sterilize it in boiling water for 5 minutes.

  • no i dont  i just hand wash them. but thats because i dont have a  dishwasher  but  some bottles  arent meant to be  put in the dishwasher.   so check  before u do so  that way u dont ruin them.

  • I had a bottle basket so that all the little part wouldn't get tossed around and I'd take my bottle completely apart and put the nipples and rings in there and the bottle in the regular rack. If you wash it the normal hot cycle, it should do the trick for you! Just make sure, like the other posters said, they can be washed in a dishwasher per the manufacturing instructions.