which bottle to use?

  • Hi everyone!  I am a first time mom and we just had our baby last weekend.  We are formula feeding and are currently using the samples that the hospital sent home with us.  We want to switch to our own bottles using liquid or powder.  My question is we just aren't sure what bottles are best-plastic or glass?  Any suggestions for bottles?  Also, do the bottles come with nipples or do we buy them separately?  Thanks!

  • Sunshine0980-

    Congratulations on the newest addition to your family.  What an exciting time for you.  I'm sure that your question will bring out quite a few responses.  We all have a lot to say about bottles!  I would read through the replies you get here and then do some searching through the older posts on this board to see what other posts have had to say about bottles.  Here is my two cents-

    I would use plastic over glass bottles.  All the bottles put out now are BPA free, so the plastic won't be harmful to the baby.  For the most part the bottles will come with nipples, you can usually buy additional nipples if needed.

    In my practice I work with three different kinds of bottles:

    1-Avent Bottles: These bottles tend to be fat and shorter.  They are known to be "the most like the nipple", so they are known to be a good bottle for babies that are being both breast and bottle fed as they claim to prevent "nipple confusion" (which is a whole controversy in itself. 

    2-Dr Brown's bottles: These bottles are known to help babies that have a hard time regulating the flow from the bottle.  These are used in the NICU setting and with kids that tend to drink to fast or have trouble coordinating suck, swallow, breath sequence.  

    3-Traditional yellow nipple bottles:  These bottles tend to work well for the "normal kid" lol.  Babies that are good feeders do great on a plain old plastic bottle with a yellow nipple.  I'd say for the majority of kiddos these bottles work just fine.

    So, that is my speech on bottle types.  I'm sure you will get more responses as well.

    Take care and keep us posted on how you and your baby is doing!


  • Hey sunshine0980! I'm going to be a first time mom myself and formula feeding. We registered for the Tommee Tippee bottles which are supposed to be the newest and have the "closest to natural" feeling for the baby. We are going to try those first and see how they work with the baby. They also have sensitive stomach ones. I've heard great things about the Avent bottles as well. I was actually going to go with those until I saw the Tommee Tippee ones. After talking to a few other moms though, you really don't know which bottles your baby is going to like so you can buy a few different ones and see which your baby seems to like best. Good luck!

  • I second Jess_BabyRN's suggestions - I personally find that Avent bottles are a great brand and seem to be pretty easy to clean and use. Plastic bottles are just fine - glass isn't really needed. Just make sure the plastic is BPA free, which most bottles are now. Congrats on your little one!
  • Congrats on your little one. We are expecting our 2nd child in April. Our 1st daughter we used the Dr. Brown's bottles and loved them. She had a milk allergy and they really seemed to help with the colic symptoms that she was easily prone to getting with too much air in the bottles. With that said, there were more parts in those bottles to clean. It was a bit time consuming, but worth it for the benefits. My SIL tried the Tommee Tippee bottles and did NOT like them at all. She said they were awkward to hold and did not seem to work as well for her. I have looked at the Avent bottles and the Similiac bottles for this new baby. I would buy a small pack of a type, try it, and see if you like it. Plastic is less expensive then glass (I think) and definitely more convenient. As long as it is BPA free you will be fine! Good luck!

  • I also bought the Tommee Tippee sensitive tummy bottles and they didn't work for us. They're pretty expensive, the design seems very advanced and the regular ones have received great reviews, which is why I figured they'd be fantastic. I, among many other, experiences issues with  leaking and nipple collapse with those bottles. There is a valve which has a silicone disk on the end that has a very small slit which is supposed to open to let air escape. This valve is very difficult to use properly. You have to rub the slit open just before use. Often I found the slit to not work and the nipple would collapse, which was a pain to deal with. If I could do it over again, I think I'd have chosen the Dr. Brown bottles over Tommee Tippee bottles. The Tommee Tippee bottle brush is amazing though! In my opinion, it's the best out there.

  • Sunshine and other moms and dads-

    This is always a hot topic and so I wanted to check in with everyone and find out how things are going with the bottles.  Do you have any suggestions to offer others?  What questions do you have?  I'd love to hear from you,

    -Jess :)

  • Hello everyone! This is my first time visiting the community- and I just thought I would put in another suggestion on the subject (because it can be a tough choice!). I'm a new mom myself, and I have had excellent luck with the original Playtex Drop-Ins. I know that the liners can get expensive, but depending on where you shop, some stores (like Target) offer generic branded drop-in liners for them, so for half the price you can have the same success with feeding a fussy baby :) My little Emily had so much of an issue getting too much air- despite having the bottle at an upright angle so that no air would enter the nipple- until we tried these at the suggestion of a friend. I suspect, however, that the success may be attributed more to the wider, fatter nipple that these use rather than the liners themselves. Of course, my parents roll their eyes and tell me that the plain old glass bottles worked just fine with me... lol To each their own! Wink Good luck, Sunshine, and congrats on your little one!

  • We have found the Breastflow by the first years works great. It is designed to be most like a real breast when baby is eating. There is an insert in the nipple so the baby has to suck harder. Less gas, no spitting up, no choking from eating to fast. Has worked great!

    I'm helping raise my granddaughter that is now 11 weeks old. LOVE LOVE LOVE these bottles. They are also easy to clean since we don't have a dishwasher. No bottle brush needed. The cap also fits on the bottom of the bottle so you don't lose it or forget it.

  • Hi sunshine0980,congrats!

    As a first time mom myself, I went and bought every different bottles out there.  My guy seems to like Dr.Brown the best.  They come in glasses and plastics.  When we are traveling, we use the glasses since it heats rather fast under hot running water and it is rather convenient when bottle warmers are not around. 

  • Hildy - I've wanted to hear from moms and grandmas about what they think of the Breastflow bottles. Great review and informative too - thanks!