• I am wondering which brand of diapers are best to wear during the night? I'm waking up to two babies soaked in pee and have to change there clothes and sheets in the middle of the night. I change them before they fall asleep. This has happened the past few nights. I have to have sheets and clothes ready for when they wake up. The amount of laundry I have is crazy.

  • Oh, I sympathize! I liked Huggies for the first year of diapers. They were very durable and didn't leak as much as other brands. As my girls got older, I switched to Luvs (which was cheaper) because they weren't peeing as often and didn't fill up their diapers so much overnight.

  • With my daughter I used the Huggies Supreme of the Pampers Swaddlers throughout her diaper wearing times.  I think the main reason why I liked the Pampers was because they let you earn points.  For this baby I have some of both, but more Huggies.  If you go to their web site they will mail you some great coupons too.  I got three of them for $3.00 off each bag of diapers.

    Some people keep giving us the off brands of diapers, but we probably won't use them.  With my daughter I experienced a lot of leaks with those, even during the daytime.  I'll probably keep them on-hand "just in case" and then give what's left to someone who really needs them.

    Just out of curiosity, what brand were you using before?  It's always nice to know what to avoid.

  • My little girl is 7 months old and I have used Pampers, Huggies & Luvs (whichever I have a coupon for that week) and I have never had a problem with either one leaking during the night.  And my little girls diapers in the morning are very heavy were she has pee during the night.

  • Pampers/Cruisers always worked best for us for nights.  Since she turned 13 months I've started using cloth diapers at night which you can stuff with a doubler for super soakers - these hold up pretty well (bum genius 3.0 - all in one, one size). I have only had one leaky night in 3 months.

  • The Luvs seemed to be the worst for us. I just bought a bag of the huggies organic. Has anyone tried those? I really enjoy the pamper swaddlers.

  • pampers swaddlers work great for us

    we had problems with huggies leaking

  • any huggies work great!

    of course the snuggle me or organic work a little better.

    I buy both unless im really tight on money than we get regular.

    i never have any problems with either they never leak unless he has poo going up his back! in that case what diapers would hold that in lol.

    they also make super strong overnite huggies starting at 16 lbs so if theyre heavy enough for those i would definately reccomend those.

  • Huggies have always worked great for my twins! Any kind of huggies! I want to try the huggies organic diapers too!

  • The huggies organic ones are really nice. They feel a lot more softer than regular huggies. They also hold fairly well. I like them!

  • I usually use either Huggies or Pampers depending on which is on sale.  I received some Huggies organics samples in the mail.  They seemed to work just as good as the Huggies Supreme.

  • Hi, do you think that the organic huggies do not hold the smell very well? you are correct they are very soft and we are helping our planet.

  • We use Huggies Overnights at night. We have always used Parent's Choice until just recently, when our daughter started soaking the bed. The Huggies have fixed the problem.

  • Wow, funny you said that. My son just now starting to do the same thing. I will use them at night.


  • Now that our son is getting bigger (8 months)  we use the target brand up and up..  They seem to be workin well. We havent had any leaks since we have started..  We always used any of the huggies brand since he was born, he always leaked out of the pampers..  Do you think alot of it has to do if they are a boy or girl?   And I will put him in cloth diapers when I'm feeling really green!!