• I've always used the Huggies Natural fit on my son, but last month decided to try Pampers since I could get 20 more diapers for the same price as the Huggies.  We've had leak after leak (both #1 and #2) - even during the day.  Not to mention he had 2 diaper rashes during that time.... his first ever!

    Needless to say... we went right back to the Huggies Natural Fit as soon as we ran out of the Pampers... Oh, they weren't the cruisers, that we got.  I know a lot of people are happy with them, but I won't be buying the "P Word" any time soon.    

  • I don't think any diaper holds in the odor. I think it just depends on how often you change them and how much they pee. I'm still having problems with them waking up in the morning soaked. I've been using Pamper Swaddlers. I don't think there is anything else I can do. Isn't the Huggie Overnights for babies 16+lbs.? I was also told from a friend with a little boy to make sure there "stuff" is pointed down. So I am going to try that and see if it makes a difference. Any other ideas? I feel like I need to put 3 diapers on them for overnight.

  • As a new mom to a little boy I went through a lot of diapers looking for one that would limit the amount of leaking--Pampers Swaddlers have proven the best!  Like you, I also had a lot of laundry and was awakened by a crying, wet baby but no longer.  Also, if you have a boy, remember to point them down in the diaper so the pee goes into the absorbent part, it really helps. 

  • Pampers! Pampers! Pampers! We have used them for both our baby girls and they have been great. We tried Huggies, Luvs and generic brands and nothing comes close.

  • I like to use the pampers brand overall.  I know Pampers now has the super absorbancy kind at Target that are supposed to be even better.  The baby dry ones work well for my little one overnight, even when he sleeps straight through the night.

  • I'm a coupon person... hopefully the manufacture's send more than enough!!!

  • I will purchase both Huggies or Pampers Diapers... which ever one is on sale & I have coupons for... the best deal ever is when it's on sale, use a coupon & the retailer store will give you a future gift card in the amount of $5 or $10 (varies) if you purchase 2 boxes of the diapers at one time!!! I think the most I've ever bought at one time... 32 boxes!!! Our 3rd garage turned into baby storage!!!

  • At 3 months, the only thing that worked for my first son was to put on a Huggies Overnight (even though it was a tad big) then cover it with a cloth diaper and nylon waterproof pants.  Kind of a pain, but definitely easier than dealing with wet sheets and clothes every night.

    My second wets even heavier.  We ended up just going to cloth diapers full time and double diapering at night, or using something like Motherease diapers with 2 liners. 

  • I used Huggies Supreme on my son when he was little and we didn't have any leakign issues, Plus they when they get alittle bigger they have speacial ones to wear at night just for that reason.

  • I also had and boy and didn't think abotu that on my first post but i was told even by the doctors to make sure that it was pointing downward. I believe it also helps prevent other issues becuase there is more padding down there to soak it all up.

  • In my experience the best solution is cloth with wool covers, but for disposables it isnt the brand so much as size.  My 21 lber should be a size 3, but soaks through any size 3 pamper at night.. stick a size 5 generic on him and he wakes up dry Big Smile

  • I was a babysitter, Nanny and a daycare teacher for about 13 yrs and I have noticed that sometimes just going up a size in diapers, if you like the brand, will help with the absorbtion and won't leave the baby soaked. Hope this helps.

    pregnant with my 1st at 26

  • I tried Huggies, Luvs and store brands - Pampers was the only thing that didn't leak with my son.  Also, I use the Pampers 12 hour Extra Protection for nightime.  They work very well and we're not changing clothes and bedding in the middle of the night.  They have the Sesame Street characters in bed and yawning so it's easy to know what is what once they're out of the package.

  • I like pampers they even have that back shield so that they cant poop up their back!!!