DVD's best for babies.

  • Hi, I am a new mom of a 10week old girl and I have started back to work but I work out of my home and was wondering if any one can suggest or warn me about any dvds I can get to help my daughter?   I'm just looking for something that might help her vocabulary and understand words that I can start using soon and as she gets older. 

    I have seen the commercials for the "baby can read" but it seems pretty pricey especially if it doesn't really work or if there are other dvd's that other parents have had succes with.

    Thanks for all who take interest in my question and look forward to any feedback I can get!!


  • I would buy the baby Einstein Videos, also buy Fantasia for your baby. Fantasia has classical music and is very colorful for your baby and the Einstein Videos also have classical music which is wondeful for your baby as well.

  • I really don't think DVDs can build a child's vocabulary as much as mom and dad can. That being said, everyone has to cook and shower sometimes and a video is priceless when you need a few minutes to get those things done. I really like the Baby Einstein videos. My children enjoyed them a lot. I don't know if it helped their vocabulary or if it was all the reading we do, but they both began talking early and have always spoken well.

  • I don't know that I agree with BabyNurse on this topic. My older daughter was very interested in TV from six months on, and I think watching Nick Jr. and PBS Kids programming helped her develop her vocabulary quite a bit. My two-year-old picks up words off of TV all the time. In fact, she doesn't say goodbye anymore. She says, "ADIOS!" thanks to Dora the Explorer.

    I think that TV programs designed to foster development can be a good tool in developing language skills and cognitive awareness in children. When I say tool, I mean it's part of overall education that includes reading, talking, questioning, etc.

    I also think making the decision to show videos to infants depends on the family and the child. I would only do it for short times with my older daughter because she had an interest in television. With my younger one, she didn't pay attention to the TV until she was 18 months old.

    So, my advice would be to hit the video store and rent some Baby Einstein or other age-appropriate program and see how your baby reacts. You might also want to look at Noggin or PBS for Sesame Street. Elmo is often a good starter for young children.

  • My daughter used to watch PBS on a pretty regular basis, she never really like the Baby Einstein DVDs.  She now enjoys the Sprout channel (but I think it's Direct TV only)  They show Barney, Calliou, Dora, and many others around the clock with no commercials to interrupt.  I know that my daughter has picked up quite a few songs off of the shows.  Just be careful what you let your child watches as they get older.  My daughter seems to relate to any of the "bad guys" in the shows that she watches and she sometimes tries to act like them.  Most of this just involves her being rude, not really doing anything too bad, but it's still not acceptable.  No matter what you decide to show I'd suggest watching it on your own first and deeming how appropriate it really is.  Some of the most highly recommended shows may be too advanced or might have content you just don't agree with.  Good luck!