how much of everything do i need?

  • Well i'm in the process of getting everything i need im about 22 weeks...but i dont have a lot of money like that so i wanted to get started now...i got a list of what i need but i don't know excatly how many of everything i need thats why im asking you guys....if you could give me a rough estimate of how many of things i need that would be awesome and make me less frettfull thank you =)


    Crib and crib mattress (i know i only need one of these), Bassinet(i dont need it but it'll be easier when im in the living room and not in the basement(where our room is), Car seat (NEw and i know i only need one, stroller(1 unless i get a umbrella one too), bouncer, swing, playpen

    i guess all that stuff i only need one of it, but if theres something out of furniture im missing please let me know.

    Clothes and such:

    Onesies(?), Hats (?),  socks/Booties(?), Sleeping outfits?, outfits(?), Snowsuit(?), Blankets(?), wash cloths (?),burp clothes(?), bibs(?)

    i dont know how many of everything i need, i know i probably already over did the outfits for 0-3 months but only outfits, how many of everything else for newborn and beyond do i need

  • Good questions! Are you going to have any baby showers? Register for everything you can and wait a bit to see if you get some things in your baby shower! I'd hold off on the clothes and such - everyone loves to give clothes and you often have too many clothes in the little sizes. My advice to you is to save receipts and keep tags on and return them if you think you have too many in a certain size. You want to have enough onesies, socks, outfits, etc. that if you have one on your baby and one or two in the wash, you have a couple more in the drawer waiting to go in case the one your baby is wearing gets dirty. I'd say 5 or so of those types of items. You can always stock up on diapers. Get a few packs of newborn and 1 size but then get 2 and up - wipes too! Good luck - hope this helps a bit!

  • I'm not having a baby shower so i really dont see the need to register for stuff, what about everything else i think i have enough onsies already but the other stuff i dont really know what to get

  • I would check your local classifieds to see if you can find a swing or bouncer used.  Just check to make sure that they're in good condition before you buy them.  Also, be careful how much of the "stuff" you buy...some babies don't like bouncers or swings.  We have both for our daughter and she used the bouncer for maybe 10 minutes at a time until she was 4 months old and then wanted nothing to do with it.  The swing, however, she used all the time.  Do you have a friend who could let you see what your baby likes when he/she is born?  You could also look at travel swings--they're a lot cheaper and in my experience work well.  My mom has one that lets you lock the seat and turn it in to a vibrating seat as well--virtually the same as a bouncer without the bouncing function (which my daughter couldn't use until she was done using the bouncer because she was too little).

    As far as onsies go, the previous poster is right--always keep the tags on.  You never know what size your baby will be when they're born.  My daughter was 7-11 and I ended up taking all her newborn onsies back because they would only fit her for a few pounds.  I figured I'd rather have something for her to grow into than something that only fits for a few weeks.  Also, I would wait on the bigger sizes and just buy a few at a time when your baby gets close to needing a bigger size.  My daughter is 9 months old and still wears 3-6 month clothing!  Also, I love putting my daughter in a onsie and baby leg warmers.  Quick and easy outfit that keeps her warm.

    I think the snowsuit is up to you and how much you think you'll be outside.  Someone gave us one as a gift (my daughter was born in January, and we live in UT), and we never used it.  I think it actually still has the tags on it because I don't know where it came from.  Snowsuits are one of those things that are more of a "want" than a "need" in my opinion.

    One thing that I would definitely recommend getting is a baby bathtub.  It was a lifesaver.  Little babies are sooo slippery when they're wet.  We tried bathing our daughter in the sink once and she screamed the whole time.  The next time we put her in the baby tub and she's loved baths ever since.  We don't use it anymore because she likes to crawl around, but we used it for a good 5-6 months.

    One thing you can also save for later is toys.  Babies won't be interested in them for a few months anyway, and you could look for some cheap ones at an after holiday sale.

    I buy all my diapers on Amazon.  They have a program that gets you a discount when you put them on continual order.  It's saved me a pretty good amount.  Just sign up for their mom program.

    That's all the advice I can think of for you right now.  If I think of more I'll post again :)  Hope this helps!  Good luck!

  • The gals (and guys) on here just have such great ideas!  I like how resourceful everyone is being with suggestions for craigs list, used supplies, what can wait and what you should think about now.  

    In general I would start by looking at the everyday stuff that you are going to need.  That stuff really adds up fast and by starting to stash away some of those things you will save yourself worry in the future.

    I know people often suggest diapers and wipes and I think that is a great place to start.  You are going to need those for atleast two years!  I would buy a variety of sizes and start bigger and that way there is no wasting them if he/she is bigger than anticipated.  I've also known some mom's to be to start stashing away formula.  That is tricky though as you probably aren't sure if you will need it or not and if so what kind to get.  I loved one mom's idea though in that when she did her weekly food shopping she would pick up either formula, wipes or diapers.  She did that throughout her pregnancy and it helped her a lot when the baby came.

    Let us know how things are going!


  • Hope this all answered your questions? Anything else we can help with? Let us know!