Essential Parenting iPhone apps!

  • I recently got an iPhone and I am excited about trying all the new apps out there. Do you have any favorite parenting apps that you recommend? What about apps for your children?


  • MommyRN4-

    I love that you started this post!  I also have an iphone and it sure can provide entertainment for hours for people of all ages.  I don't have all the app names, but i've seen a few on my patients parents phones that entertain kids through even the longest wait in the office.  Some that i have seen are:

    -"Talking Tom": I actually have this app.  It is a cat that repeats what you say.  It also purrs when you rub it's tummy, will drink milk, will burp, and I think it even scratches the screen with it's claws.  This app was free but for a few dollars you can have Tom's friends as well.

    -A lot of my patients parent's seem to have an app that allows their children to doodle on the screen with a variety of bright colors, much like the etch-a-sketch of my childhood.

    -The "Marley application"-from "Marley and me" movie-This app is free and allows kids to throw a ball for Marley, feed and water him and I think they can scratch his tummy too.

    Those are the three that I am the most familiar with, I'm eagar to hear what others have discovered!


  • I'm jealous! I've seen lots of parents with their iPhones out for their kids. All kinds of story time apps and other fun phonics/math games. I'd love to get one eventually! Enjoy!

  • I have a couple free drawing apps on my iPad...I just searched for doodle, and picked a few with high ratings.  The one I like most has a bright green background with a stick figure on it for the icon.  My husbands little brothers really like angry birds.  There are also some apps that put a piano keyboard on your screen, and I've heard of other instrument apps, too.  I used to have an alphabet app that was pretty good...I don't remember what it was called though.  If you google "top apps for kids" a certain magazine had a top 30 list on their site :)