• I am pregnant and i am to figure out what bottles i should use before the baby gets here. Suggestions please!

  • First of all, pick a brand you think you can both afford and that is easy to clean. Only buy a few and when the baby gets here try them out. If your baby doesn't do well with them, then go buy another brand. There are some that relieve gas and others that are super easy to clean. Just don't buy too many until you are sure your baby does well with them. 

  • Agree with MommyRN4 - I tend to really get frustrated with bottles that have all sorts of liners and millions of parts to wash. The simpler the better, in my opinion. Buy just a small pack of whatever kind you decide to go with and then if your baby does well with them, and you find them easy to use, then you can get a few more when you need them. My son used Avent bottles and we like them a lot. They leak a little if you don't screw the top on correctly but that's easily fixed. :-) Good luck!

  • thanks guys! i was thinking about the avent bottles, my mom used them with my little brother

  • dr browns is by far the best

  • Carissa-

    You might consider waiting until you have your baby and then seeing how he/she does with feeding. Different bottles are made to address different feeding types. For instance babies that have a hard time controlling how much/how fast they eat do well with the Dr Brown bottles.  I know that the Avent bottles have been marketed for babies that go between bottle and breast.  This all being said if you are having your baby in the hospital you can always ask your nurses and if needed a lactation consultant for help picking bottles.  Keep us posted on how things are going,


  •  I will give you a answer the very best one in the world that I like is the Similca Simply smart Bottle!!!   Yes

  • what i found is not to stick with one type or specific brand. as long as its slow flow and 0-3 months or whatever the age and they take to it, it works. you dont want the baby favoring a certian brand (which they can do because of the flow, ease, and feel of a certian type) because if the brand is pricey, then your screwed, or they go out of business, or run, switch it up, and they get the hang of it. ALSO, colors! im even writing numbers and letters on mine. my daughter at 2 months knows her bottle and identifies things because of colors and shapes.

  • I would recommend the Playtex drop- ins  Bottles

  • I agree that Dr. Brown bottles are the best. They do have many parts and they take a bit longer to clean, but they are worth it...especially if you child is gassy or colicky!! 

  • Carissa-Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing!  It's been sometime since your last post and I am curious if you have had your baby yet and ho things are going.  Would love an update! -Jess