Baby Shower Regisry... HELP!

  • Can anyone share their Baby Registry or is there a list which I can refer to for buying babies things? I am trying to figure what I am going to need and kind of confused... being a first time mom I dont know what I will need.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  • I don't have a baby registry to share, but I can give you some good ideas. First of all do you have a crib? If not, then consider registering for it. I know it is a big purchase, but several of your friends may want to go in together to get it for you. You will also need a swing type of item, a pack and play, and boppy's are always nice. You can register for the bottles you want to use, a bath tub for the baby, bath toys, cute bibs, onesies, and even receiving blankets. Don't forget a baby basket for the baby's dirty laundry, some diapers, and a diaper bag that you think you like. If you can, register for a car seat and a stroller as well. You may not get them, but at least you'll remember which ones you liked when it comes time to buy the things you didn't get at your baby shower. You can also ask people to bring clothes for the baby in certain sizes or register for individual outfits that you like. Good luck! 

  • Babies R Us has a genaric list on there website of the basic items that you would need, and from there you pick the style and color. they also have and area on there website called Top Regestry Items for more ideas.

  • Well I know a few things that I used as a must were cloth diapers, they make amazing spit rags and you can bleach or oxi clean stains right out of them, the mittens that keep them from scratching their faces, a bassinet was a waste for me as was a baby bath tub, we used a thick bath towel until we found a mesh bath seat. Extra wash cloths, Bibs lots of bibs. socks are a thing to get a few of. I highly recomend the playmat that they can lay on with the criss crossing bars like a canopy for them. a mobile for the crib is wonderful. there is the seamore horse whos belly glows and plays music or a girraffe that just simply plays four choices of soothing sounds. my son has the giraffe. a matress pad that is water proof some times you will hit a stage where their diaper will leak. If you are breast feeding there are some wonderful products that will help you especially in the first few weeks, Lanisol makes a balm for the chapping that many women experience and soothing gel pads. They help alot. Hats were not a big deal for us since he was born last april. but sleep sacks and footie jammies are wonderful. Dont by an insane amount of new born clothes they grow so fast out of them. a boppy was great and if you get a boppy a slip cover is a must for it! I loved my pack n play and washable changing pads. I almost never use the dresser topper changing station so its not a huge deal. Diaper wipe warmers are awesome as is a bottle warmer if you do bottles. If you dont have a water filter for your sink a britta pitcher is nice to. I find buying gallon jugs of nursery water to be a waste. There is also the baby swing which is great and they are simple chairs for them that my family called bouncy chairs, its not the technical name but they are a must they are lower to the ground and often have a base of small metal rods with a fabric chair part and toys that hang on a bar above them. If i had to pick between the chair and the swing My son used the chair more. and it is fairly inexpensive at walmart i got a unisex one for 25.00. Hope that helps some again this isnt with everyone but i know that had my family not helped so much i would have had to skimp on what i did get and I know which things i could have lived without now:) 

  • DIAPERS DIAPERS DIAPERS doesnt matter what size you will need them!!

  • swaddle blankets= a must!  Puj for bath tub was a life saver.  you can contact me through this site and i can e-mail you my registry site. 

  • I found out that the stuff the stores suggest that you put on your registry are mostly so they can make more money. We Registered for so much and some of what we got at the baby shower can't even be used for a while. It's nice to have for when our daughter gets to that stage, but it's going to be sitting around for a bit. if I were to go back and register again I would put on it....

    a swing and/or chair of some sort (I have a mamaroo and a boppy bouncer, they are awesome)

    car seat and stroller

    pack and play (forget the bassinet since pack and plays have a raisable bed now; you will get better and longer use out of one)

    rocking chair  

    bedding set

    for you a crib and bedroom furniture ( My fiancee is a finish carpenter and built our daughters himself)


    now for the small stuff


    breast pump if you intend to breastfeed (there's a thread on here about which ones everyone likes)

    Bottles (even if you intend to breastfeed have some on hand. my baby and I like Doc Brown and Similac simply smart)


    bibs (lots of bibs)

    burp cloths (lots)

    a baby bath tub (be careful, some are nice but very unnecessary)

    bath towels and wash cloths

    bath soaps and lotions (i prefer baby magic lotion over j&j since j&j dries out my babies skin),

    a grooming kit

    Changing pad ( they make them so they can go on top of a short dresser now so you won't need a changing table, but if you're uncomfortable with using the dresser then a changing table would be necessary)

    A diaper bag

    one or two swaddlers (they aren't necessary if you know how to swaddle, however they are very nice and convenient)

    sleep sacks (both with and without sleeves)

    blankets of all sorts



    socks (get the clingy faded glory ones from walmart. In my experience all the others fall off)


    I wouldn't worry too much about outfits unless there's a specific one you love, you'll definately get some clothes, everyone loves buying baby clothes. Also don't just register for newborn, they won't stay in them long. focus more on the 0-3 month and 3-6 month sizes and don't forget to take in account for the season changes...... These are all the things I have used a lot in the two months my daughter has been in this world. There are a ton of other things you can register for but truthfully they are luxuries and not necessities. a good example would be a diaper genie- they are nice, but trash cans also work just as well. they are less expensive to buy and maintain. not to mention you are going to be changing so many diapers that it's going to fill quickly and need taken out anyway.... I hope this list can give you a good starting point and have a great time picking stuff out. If your other half goes with you let him hold the scanner, it keeps them from whining as much. but watch him close my fiance got trigger happy. Oh and as far as diapers are concerned we had a diaper raffle at my baby shower. We got a gift card to a restaraunt and everyone who brought diapers got to put their name in a hat and have a chance at winning the giftcard. just don't do an expensive one since most people will only bring a small pack.... HAPPY SHOPPING!  

  • Oh i also forgot to add a couple things some of the other posters already added... Even if you think the higher priced items won't be purchased for your shower add them anyway. Places like babies r us and buy buy baby send out a finalization coupon for 15% or 20% off the remaining items on your registry. And i know it's hard to do but try to refrain from buying too much before your shower. you may just end up wasting time and money on something someone is going to get you and have to take it back in the end.

  • Brinny - I agree about holding off buying stuff until after the showers. A lot of times you get more than you think you will or you get extras of some things. You can exchange, return, and use the gift cards people have given you to fill out your registry list. And YES - the list from Babies R Us is totally over the top!

  • From seeing all the blankets people got me hehe you do not need as much, never can have enough onsies in all sizes and bibs. Also you should start stalking up on diapers. That was the best advice my aunt gave me, we did not buy any newborns because we did not know what size our son would be but got 3-4 boxes of ones and 4 of 2s and only one in threes now he is in size 3's and that advice helped us because that is a lot of money we bought a box to 2 boxes every couple weeks. not many people give diapers and it is helpful to add diapers on your registry because if your child out grows the size you can exchange the box if it hasn't been opened.

  • Try to stick with the basics, there is a lot out there that is not necessary.  I would think of the crib first.  All you need for the crib would be a tight crib sheet and some Wonder Bumpers.  Old style bumpers have caused infant injury in the past.  Wonder Bumpers are pads you put over the crib bars that protect your baby from getting their limbs or heads stuck in the rails.  They sell them at most major retailers including Target, Walmart, and Babies R US.  Hope this helps!

  • Others are right... the stores suggest you put stuff on there that you will never need! I am a first time parent too, and when I went to register I go so overwhelmed with stuff that I left and came back another day to finish my list! I want to let you know that when you do choose stuff to register for, you get it at a shower and change your mind and make several trips back to the store to return things! My biggest advise is to get extra waterproof pads that go on your changing table. Not just the cover for the pad thing but the little pads you put ontop! I have a 7 week old boy and have gone through many in one day!
  • holy cow! thanks so much for asking this! i am having the same problem now and this thread was so helpful! i am so overwhelmed right now with trying to decide what all i should put on my registry but so many good suggestions on this right here! thanks again!