• Has anyone heard of a stroller that has a small generator that is powered by pushing it.  You can use it to charge your phones/ tech devices etc.

  • Wow, I've never heard of this but what a cool idea!  Do you have any links?


  • That's a neat idea! I'd love to see a link/website for it! Do you have one?

  • Wow! I love this idea. Do we have any idea who makes it? I would love to see one that powers your cell phone or your mp3 player and if you stop pushing it then you can't listen to your workout music! That would make me walk farther and exercise better for sure!!!

  • Is this for real? but I think I cannot enjoy the benefit of having a stroller because my baby doesn't like stroller. She prefers walker than stroller even if she is still on her 3 months old.