Breastpump Question!

  • Which is better manual or electrical plug-in??



    Thank you :)

  • All the pumps that I have worked have been electrical more thn the electricial.,\

  • Electrical breast pumps are much better at extracting all of the breast milk you need. It is harder to do manual in the beginning, but once your breasts are used to letting down manual is okay. I used electrical breast pumps and they were great!


  • Opps!  I am so sorry, it looks like my post partially deleted when it posted.  What I had said was-

    I've only worked with electrical pumps in the hospital.  They are very easy to use and from what I understand fairly comfortable.  I have not worked with the manual pumps but I think our other nurse expert had a good response to the +/- of that kind of pump.  Sorry again for mis-post!


  • I had good luck with the medela electric breast pump when I was breastfeeding. My sister used it too. We both like that one the best, but it is the most expensive. You get what you pay for with breast pumps.

  • If you plan on going back to work or being away from your baby for extended periods of time, the electric pump will be much better at helping you keep up your milk supply. If you plan on just occasionally pumping a  bottle so you can go out, the manual should suffice just fine. It IS true that you pay for what you get with breast pumps, so the more expensive pumps often produce better results. Just read the customer reviews before you purchase one, if you do. Good luck!

  • The first pump I bought was a manual one.  I figured that because I would only be pumping every so often it would be fine.  I found that the suction on the highest level just wasn't enough to pump in a reasonable amount of time (took about 30 mins per side to get 6 oz).  It was also killer on my hand.

    The second pump I bought was battery operated.  I liked it a lot more than the manual, and it cut pumping time in half.  I did find, however, that after about 2 pumping sessions the batteries weren't strong enough to make enough suction to get anything out.  We bought rechargables, which helped with the cost of replacing batteries, but it was still a pain to have to charge them all the time.

    If I end up investing in another pump with my next baby I'll definitely go electric.  I used one a few times while in the hospital after delivery (my daughter did not get the latch on concept for a few days) and liked it.

    Good luck with everything!