Time to change nipple stages?????

  • I'm thinking it's time to go from stage one to stage two nipples, but i'm unsure. Whenever my daughter has her bottle she makes this clicking noise like shes sucking so hard she looses suction, but then sometimes she smiles and giggles after doing it. Also the nipple starts to cave in sometimes. I don't know if this is an indication that she needs to go up to the next stage or if she's just playing with her bottle. We've tried the stage two nipples to test how well she handles them, she doesn't choke, but she definately dribbles more out. 

  • Most babies are ready to switch nipple stages when they are getting fussy or unhappy with the feedings based on how long it is taking and this can indicate they are ready for it to come out faster. It may take a few days for them to adjust to the flow of the stage 2 nipple but they should eventually handle it. If your baby can eat her bottle in a reasonable amount of time - usually less than a half hour or so - and is not fussy/irritable when eating, then she is probably okay with the stage 1 still. Just trust your instincts and experiment with things a little if you need to. Good luck!

  • Thank you

  • I agree with Julie! She may be ready to go to stage 2 nipple, but only time will tell. If she is collapsing the nipple, then she very well may be ready. Try a stage 2 nipple and see how she does. Talk to your doctor if you are still unsure. Good luck!

  • Well we made the switch to stage two! She seems to handle the flow pretty well...the nipple no longer colapses, but she does dribble a bit. thank you.

  • Brinny-

    It sounds like you are very tuned in to what your baby needs!  That is terrific!  Keep up the good work,


  • She'll catch up to the flow in no time. Glad things went smoothly. :-) 

  • Here's a different perspective to consider.

    Often times parents never change the nipples on a baby's bottle.  A nursing baby doesn't get a different type of (breast) nipple as it gets older.

    Baby's often adjust and learn to become more efficient with the same nipple stage.