double stroller

  • HI everyone im new to this so let me try it out . Im in need of a good  double stroller  thats not too heavy , I have a son who just turned 1 on june 21st and im 6 months pregnant with a girl . ive been looking into the britax b ready 20212 edition and the city mini double stroller . the britax is a little heavy but im willing to give that up if its really good . any suggestions on which stroller is better or do you own a double that you really love and would recommend me . thanks 

  • I wish i could help. I'm in the market for a stroller myself. Not a double though. I'm thinking of a jogging stroller since my fiance and i are trying to get back into our previously adventurous lifestyle.

  • I know a lot of people who love their City Mini double joggers. It seems to be a popular one. Of course, the BOB joggers are always a hit but they are pretty expensive. Sometimes you can find some at consignment stores or Craigslist. I just bought a Kelty double jogger and it is SUPER light and collapses very easily. I haven't used it yet - as our second isn't due till August but I love the overall design just from playing around with it. Anyway - good luck! 

  • I have yet to find a double stroller that fits "ALL" needs. Tandems are perfect for the mall and stores that have narrow aisles but they can be heavy and difficult to maneuver. Side by sides are awesome with swivel wheels and great for trips to the park, zoo etc.. but won't fit in stores. Good luck! I used a combination of strollers and front carriers too! 

  • smv912012, City Mini double joggers is really good.

  • I'm looking for a double stroller as well.  I've heard really good reviews about the double joggers.  I currently have a single jogger and love it!

  • Hi, I too am looking for a stroller for twins, I have been looking at the Baby Jogger range, at the moment I'm comparing the City select (stadium seating) & the City Mini GT (side by side); I like that both have wheels that can handle trail power walking; has anyone had any experience with any of these?